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How to delete your Twitter account

Ask any Twitter maven: tweeting is an art. It isn’t easy to write a pithy one-liner in 140 characters. It’s even harder to get anyone to read that one-liner. Hardest of all? Mastering tags and hashtags in the vast waterfall of new tweets.

Some people never get the hang of it. Maybe you have a Twitter account, but you’ve always felt ambivalent about it. Maybe you’ve endured one Twitter-war too many. Maybe the Twitterverse just feels way too public. Or maybe you’re just tired of all the bots automating the commentary. To critics, Twitter can be like two people having a conversation from opposite sides of a crowded bus, and anybody else can barge in.

If you opt to delete your tweets, the process is quick and easy. But before you release that little blue bird, here are some things you should know.

You can change many settings without deleting

“Johnny tweeted…” “Amy mentioned you…” “Qin liked one of your tweets…”

Maybe it’s not Twitter itself that annoys you but all those email notifications. Every time someone likes something you said, or retweeted you or sent you a direct message, you get another distracting email. This is particularly obnoxious if your Twitter account is popular, and you’re receiving a constant flood of updates.

You can change these notifications in Settings, or even remove them altogether. A quiet Twitter account is usually pretty harmless, so if you want to keep your account open but remove the reminders, you can do that easily.

You can also change your email and username anytime you wish.

You can remove TweetDeck without terminating your Twitter account

If you’re not a Twitter fan, you probably don’t have TweetDeck, the dashboard application that keeps you connected to your Twitter account all day long. But maybe you tried TweetDeck and you’d like to remove it. You can do this quickly by visiting the TweetDeck page.

How to delete your Twitter account

OK, so you want to part ways with Twitter forever. All you have to do is visit Account Settings >> Deactivate My Account >> Okay, Fine, Deactivate My Account.

Then you enter your password and Twitter should take care of the rest.

You still have 30 days

If you are feeling remorseful about the loss of Twitter, don’t worry: You can bring your account back from the dead anytime within 30 days of deactivation. Only after a month has elapsed does Twitter start to permanently delete your information.

Unlike some other social media sites, Twitter doesn’t remove anything during this 30-day period. You should be able to log on and find everything as you left it.

Artifacts may remain

That said, Twitter can’t delete the screen shots and saved Tweets that other users have collected. You may find artifacts of your Twitter feed on search engines as well. As Twitter puts it: “We do not control context indexed by search engines like Google or Bing.”

Otherwise, yr #twitteraccount shd B #donezo.

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