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How to delete your Google search history

Off the top of your head, how many times a day do you log into Google? Is it a dozen times?

Is it 100 times or more? Think about all the times you search for information on Google and you can easily be communicating with the internet giant countless times a day.

We all do. In fact, people search on Google around 3.5 billion times every day, by some accounts.

Then add into that the number of times that you’re checking Gmail and watching videos on YouTube. Google owns so many online companies that, the fact is, you can’t imagine getting through a day without it.

Unfortunately, Google – like other online companies – collects an incredible amount of information about you. The good news is, you can do this one thing to protect your privacy from people who might use your personal information against you.

You can take this one step to protect much of your privacy. Delete your Google search history – we’ll tell you how.

Delete Google activity history

There are several ways you can delete your history on Google. The fastest and most thorough way is to delete all your activity on there.

To get started, log into your Google account. Go to Google and click on your account image – usually the first letter of your name on the upper-right side of the computer screen, or log in.

Click on My Account and scroll down to My Activity. Click on Go to My Activity.

There are a few ways you can delete your history on Google. The fastest and most thorough way is to delete all your activity on Google.

Go to your activity page then click on the three vertical dots on the right side of your screen. Select Delete activity by >> select All time from the drop-down menu >> Delete.

You can also delete activity from yesterday, the past week or the past 30 days. You can also select a specific item from your activity history — go back to your activity page and select Item from the left-side menu.

Note: These steps vary a bit for Android and iPhone smartphones.

Android and iPhone

Go to your My Activity page on Google >> select the three-dot vertical menu >> Delete activity by >> select a time frame from the drop-down menu >> Delete.

Delete Chrome browser history

If you’re using Google Chrome, you can delete your browsing history. Open Chrome >> click on the orange circle with a white exclamation point >> choose History and select History from the new menu. Clear your browser history.


You can delete your browsing history on Android, although it’s a little trickier than it is from your computer. Start by selecting the Chrome app on your smartphone.

Select the three-dot vertical menu then History. Click Clear browsing data >> make sure Browsing history has a check mark next to it.

Choose a Time Range from the drop-down menu. You can select from one of several options, from Last hour to All time.

You can also delete a specific item from your browsing history. From History, click on the X in a gray circle to remove a specific entry.


You can delete your browser history from your iPhone similar to how you delete it on Android with a few tweaks. Start by selecting the Chrome app on your iPhone >> More >> History.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Clear Browsing Data >> make sure to put a check mark by Browsing history. Select Clear Browsing Data and confirm that you want to clear your browsing history >> Done.

You can also delete a specific item from your browsing history. From History click on Edit >> check mark the item you want to delete >> Delete >> Done.

What does Google know about me?

You know that you’re giving up some privacy every time you log onto the internet. But you will be downright horrified by how much of your private information Google knows about you.

It’s one thing to know your hobbies. It’s a completely different thing to know where you are physically located at any given time – Who else can see that?

Keep reading to find out how to change your Google privacy settings!

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