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Get the best deal on smart cameras to protect your home

These smart cameras are available from Amazon and make a great gift for the holidays, birthdays, house-warming or pretty much any occasion.


Wireless camera that mounts to a wall

Blink XT offers a wireless one-camera system that you mount to a wall, and let run inside or outside your house, thanks to weatherproofing. It records HD video, which you can control and view through Android and iOS apps, and it keeps these videos in a Cloud storage system.

The one-camera system can run for 2 years on two AA lithium batteries (which come included with your order), and has a motion detector built into the camera. When the motion detector is set off, the camera records a short clip of the event, and sends an alert to your phone, so you can see if your pet is just being rambunctious, or if you should be calling the police.

Blink XT cameras also have infrared night vision, and an optional LED illuminator for recording at night, so you can keep your home safe 24/7. The camera also has a built-in microphone, so you get audio as well as video to look over.

3-camera system

You like the sound of the Blink XT camera system from the description above, but you know you need more than one camera to truly protect your home. The Blink XT sync system, which keeps the Blink XT cameras connected to the cloud and to your phone app, can connect up to 10 cameras per system, so you can certainly add cameras whenever you need to.

Each camera in the 3-cam system has the same features as the Blink XT 1-cam, including a diagonal, 110-degree field of view, a CPU of ISI 18, 4/100Mhz, and single-antenna Wi-Fi that works on networks that use 2/4 Ghz 802.11g/n (and does not connect to peer-to-peer Wi-Fi networks). Each camera comes with a 1-year limited warranty, with service included, so if one of your cameras ends up a little faulty, Blink can get you a new one, or repair your current one.

The Blink XT 3-cam system, like the 1-cam system, also can be combined with Alexa screen devices, allowing you voice control over the system, and letting you stream live footage, or look at older recordings, right on your Alexa screen. The Blink XT systems, therefore, add to making your home a smart home, while they protect you.

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