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Foxit PDF Editor
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Protect your sensitive info with this AI-powered tool

Is sending a document to another person online inherently dangerous? You never know who might be waiting for your personal information on the other side. A healthy sense of paranoia might save you a lot of trouble.

Sharing personal documents is nerve-wracking enough to say nothing about sensitive information in a professional context. What if you forget to censor or remove something essential and compromising?

Smart Redact by Foxit makes it all too easy. You can share important documents wherever you need to, blocking out sensitive, identifying information instantly.

Smart Redact keeps sensitive info private, even in PDF form

To use Smart Redact, you’ll need the Foxit PDF Editor installed on your device. Smart Redact is integrated fully into the Foxit ecosystem, so if you already use the PDF app, learning how to use Smart Redact will be pretty straightforward.

The Foxit PDF Editor is free to download for iOS and Android. However, when the free trial ends, you’ll need to pay a one-time fee of $159. If you choose the Foxit PDF Editor Pro version, it’s a one-time fee of $179.

Foxit’s Smart Redact isn’t just add-on software that lets you mark up your documents as a simple overlay. You can get it for an annual fee of $100.

Among its most exciting capabilities:

  • Smart Redact intelligently reads each document fed into it, picking out the most important details to obscure.
  • Once Smart Redact has taken a gander, you’re free to customize what stays and what goes manually.
  • Everything you do within Foxit is protected by AES-256 encryption, even when the app communicates with the Foxit cloud.

All of the above take place entirely within the Foxit app. If you find yourself doing this a lot for work or even on your own time, a plan for the plug-in will run you $10 every month or $100 a year.

With this subscription, you’ll be able to process up to 600 pages per year through this feature. Smart Redact Pro and Smart Redact Enterprise up the ante in terms of your yearly page count, perfect for busy bees with a lot on their plates.

Foxit itself is already loved and used daily by many. This new feature might end up being your new best friend.

Why Foxit Redact is a must-have

This add-on utilizes the power of AI to make this tedious task extremely easy to carry out over hundreds of documents.

Smart Redact is intelligent enough to pick up on more than just your Social Security number. The names of your colleagues and organization, internal info, and even things like financial figures can all be rooted out and wiped clean in minutes.

The ability to create custom profiles designed to accommodate the types of documents you work most frequently with is also another considerable timesaver to consider.

We like the emphasis that the brand places on the security of your sensitive information. This entire family of Azure-hosted PDF tools is TAA-compliant and SOC 2-certified. You’ll never need to compromise safety for convenience ever again.

There are tons of AI-based redaction tools to choose from, of course. However, Smart Redact’s place within the Foxit collection truly makes it a stand-out if you have more to do than simply remove sensitive information from the documents under your care. Give it a shot and see the difference for yourself.

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