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Facebook’s scary profile of what they track about you. Here’s how to see it

You’ve heard this expression before: “No one knows you better than you.” That makes sense, right?

After all, no one has lived your life, except you. No one has experienced the good events and the bad ones that have shaped you.

As it turns out, though, Facebook might know you better than you do. The social media network tracks you so thoroughly and so often that they’ve collected an abundance of information about you.

In fact, the things they know about you are downright shocking. Before you say this is an invasion of your privacy, though, think about this.

Are you willing to stop visiting sites like Facebook that track you? If you’re like most people, you are probably willing to sacrifice a bit of privacy for the fun of communicating with friends and family around the world.

There is good news here. We’ve got a secret tip so you can see everything that Facebook knows about you.

Plus, we’ll tell you how to turn off some of the information they’re tracking. We’ll also show you how to correct the things they get wrong about you.

See What Facebook Knows About You

First things first. Here’s how you can see a lot of information that Facebook knows about you.

It’s in a page called Ad Preferences. The truth is, there is so much more private information about you there than you’d ever imagine.

To see for yourself, find an ad in your Facebook News Feed. Click on the menu (three dots) on the upper-right side of the ad >> choose Why Am I Seeing This? >> Manage Your Ad Preferences.

Facebook Knows So Much About You

You would probably never guess that Facebook knows as much about you as they do. You’re giving the social media network permission to keep track of you each time you visit the site.

The information they collect as your Ad Preferences goes much, much deeper than that. Facebook collects information from Facebook, Instagram and many other sites.

That includes your political views, your birthday, your phone number, stores where you shop and the brand of smartphone you’re using. They collect information about your relationship status, your job and your employer.

Manage Your Facebook Ad Preferences

Let’s face it. It’s a little creepy that Facebook tracks so much information about you, and knows you so well.

In addition to knowing things you readily share, like your relationship status or employer, Facebook knows celebrities you like, your hobbies, places you’ve visited and much more. To see how much Facebook knows: From its Ad Preferences page >> go to Your Interests.

This is a good news/bad news situation. The good news is, you can help Facebook correct what it doesn’t know about you. You can also turn off some ad tracking. The bad news is, it’s tough to turn it all off.

How to remove an interest: Hover over one of your interests >> click on the X in the upper-right side of the image >> select Remove.

How to Manage Ad Settings

Like many websites that track your interests, Facebook gives you some options to manage just how much information they track. It’s fairly simple, too.

1. Click this blue link to visit the Facebook Ad Preferences page

2. Click on Ad Settings

3. Select Ads based on your use of websites and apps

4. Select Choose Settings >> select Off

5. Or select: Ads on apps and websites off of the Facebook Companies, choose No

6. Or select: Ads with your social actions, choose either Only My Friends or No

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Essential Facebook settings you need to change now

Facebook knows a lot about you and the companies they work with know a lot about you. There is great news, though, when it comes to your privacy. Facebook has made it easy to manage your privacy settings.

Click here for a simple trick to protect your privacy.

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