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Easy ways to mount your phone in your car

We all love our smartphones, but using these devices while driving is extremely dangerous. In some states, it’s even illegal.

Even if you don’t text while you drive, there are tons of things on your phone that can distract you. Alerts from your favorite apps, emails from work, navigating with GPS and even skipping songs on your playlist can all take your eyes off the road, which could result in an accident.

Of course, the safest place for your phone while driving is out of sight, out of mind. But, we all know that sometimes we really do need our devices to help us get to where we’re going.

For those cases, a car mount for your phone is essential. These gadgets attach to your car’s dash, vents, windshield, etc., and keep your smartphone easily visible.

Magnet mounts

Car mounts 2

Pretty much every smartphone ever made has a metal backplate, usually steel, which means it’s easy to affix to a magnet. Magnet mounts have adhesive bottoms that attach to your dashboard. Their magnetic tops are powerful enough to hold your phone steady, even while jostling over rough road. But you can also just pull the phone right off when you arrive at your destination.

  1. Nochoice Magnetic Car Mount Kit ($19)
  2. Anker Dashboard Magnetic Car Mount ($13)
  3. Scosche magicMOUNT Universal Magnetic Mount ($16)

Windshield and dashboard mounts

Car mounts 1


Like the magnet mounts, these devices stick to your dash or front window. But instead of harnessing electrical attraction, these mounts have an ergonomic little cradle. Most mounts are adjustable and will fit most phones like a glove, yet given the varied dimensions of phones lately, make sure you buy a mount appropriately sized for your mobile.

  1. Getron Car Mount Holder ($12)
  2. Car Mount Universal Windshield Cell Phone Holder Cradle ($10)
  3. Ipow Magnetic Cradle-less Windshield Long Arm Car Mount ($17)

CD slot mounts


Car mounts 3

CDs are quickly becoming quaint antiques. But many cars still come equipped with CD players and instead of replacing these perfectly functional devices, a CD slot mount allows you to use it – as an anchor. Just stick this handy doodad into that narrow opening and your phone will stick to its magnetic surface.

  1. Koomus Pro CD-M Universal CD Slot Magnetic Cradle-less Carmount Holder ($20)
  2. JOINTUP Universal Air Vent Magic Car Mount Holder ($10)
  3. Mengo Aluma CD Phone Car Mount ($17)

No matter which mount you choose, remember: Keep your eyes on the road. There’s no text or missed turn that is worth risking your safety. App background

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