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6 popular accounts that need two-factor authentication

Despite a strong, unique password, hackers may still be able to find their way into your accounts. It’s important to take advantage of any extra security features made available to you.

With two factor authentication, you will typically be required to provide a mobile phone number. When you login in from an unfamiliar device, you’ll receive a unique code that you’ll use to verify your account.

It’s obvious that this simple step is worth the little effort required to set it up. But which accounts should you enable it on? Here’s how to enable two-factor authentication on six popular accounts offering this must-have feature.


You may be worried about Facebook themselves accessing your data, but hackers getting ahold of it is definitely not something you want.

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Within your Facebook Settings, go to the Security and Login section
  3. Scroll down to Setting Up Extra Security and click Use Two-Factor Authentication
  4. Add your phone number (If you’re on mobile, check the box beside Two-Factor Authentication, click Start Setup>Continue)
  5. Enter the code provided to confirm your number


Whether you use Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, or any of the various other Google systems, this is definitely one you’ll want to keep protected.

  1. Go to the Google Two-Factor Authentication page and login
  2. Click/tap Get Started
  3. Add your country and your mobile phone number and select whether you want codes sent via text message or phone call
  4. Once you receive the code, enter it and click/tap Next
  5. Click Turn On to enable two-factor authentication


LinkedIn only allows two-factor authentication to be set up on the web (not on a mobile app), but it’s worth it to protect your professional identity.

  1. Login to LinkedIn
  2. Click Me at the top and locate Settings & Privacy in the drop-down menu
  3. Click Privacy and scroll down to the Security section, then click on Two-Step Verification
  4. Click Add a Phone Number, enter your country and phone number, and click Send Code
  5. Enter the code and click Verify
  6. Navigate back to the Privacy menu in Settings and click Two-Step Verification again
  7. Click Turn On, re-enter your password, and a new code will be sent to you.
  8. Enter the code and click Verify to complete the process


Opposite of LinkedIn, Instagram only allows you to set up two-factor authentication via the mobile app (not on the web).

  1. Login to Instagram on your mobile app
  2. Tap your Profile Picture to navigate to your profile and tap the Gear Icon to access your settings.
  3. Under Account Options, tap Two-Factor Authentication
  4. Tap the Require Security Code button to turn it on – then tap Add Number on the pop-up that appears
  5. Enter your mobile phone number and tap Next to receive a verification code
  6. Enter the code and tap Done – then, tap OK


Snapchat is another platform that requires you to set up this feature via the mobile app, as there is no web-based version.

  1. Login to the Snapchat app
  2. Tap on the Ghost Icon to pull down your profile and tap the Gear Icon to open settings
  3. Under My Account, tap Mobile Number to add your phone number
  4. Tap the Back Arrow to head back to the previous tab, then tap Login Verification>Continue
  5. Tap SMS to receive a verification code via text message
  6. Enter the code and tap Continue
  7. Tap Generate Code to get a recovery code in case you need to change the phone number in the future. Write it down or take a screenshot to keep it handy.


We all know what happens when a tweet goes out on accident. Even if you’re not a celebrity, an unfavorable tweet or action on Twitter can have some pretty hefty consequences. Protecting your account is definitely worthwhile.

  1. Sign in to Twitter
  2. Within your Settings, locate the Security section
  3. If you’re accessing Twitter from the web, click on Add a Phone under Login and Verification, enter your country and phone number and click Continue
  4. If you’re on a mobile device, you can simply open the Privacy tab, tap Security, and then tap to toggle on the Login Verification button.
  5. Then tap Confirm and Start, verify your password, enter your country and phone number and tap Send Code
  6. Enter the code and submit


When you’re provided with the opportunity to further protect your accounts for free, and with relatively little effort, there’s no reason not to take it. Many accounts in addition to the ones mentioned above now offer this option. Next time you log in to an account, take a moment to look through the settings. If two-factor authentication is available, sign up and protect your information. It’s well worth it.

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