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Can I take my security system with me when I move?

Q: My husband travels a lot for his work, so I’m often home alone with the kids. We’ve been thinking about buying a security system, but we might be moving at the end of this year. Is there a temporary solution we can use in the meantime? – Christine M. from Hickory, NC, listener on 1290 AM WHKY.

A. You’re not alone, Christine. Many find themselves in a similar situation. You need a home security system now but you are afraid it might not be the right time to make the investment. The good news is, the temporary solution you’re looking for can also be a permanent solution if you choose the right security system to begin with.

You’ve heard us talk about our sponsor SimpliSafe before. SimpliSafe offers home security packages with 24/7 professional monitoring without annual contracts. That’s just one of the reasons why we recommend its services. But another reason is because SimpliSafe also makes it easy to build your system over time based on your current needs. You can also take your system with you from place to place, and simply update the account details for SimpliSafe’s monitoring service.

This means you don’t need to hunt for a temporary fix to the current problem you’ve encountered. The truth is, you need peace of mind now, and the best way to get it is with a powerful home security system.

During this time, while your husband spends much of his time traveling for work, we recommend you get started with a SimpliSafe system. There are multiple package options to choose from, which include items such as sensors, keypads, 105dB sirens, panic buttons, smoke detectors and other great security features. 

Here’s a breakdown of the various system options:

  • The Haven, $489
  • The Knox, $449
  • The Hearth, $374 
  • The Essentials, $259
  • The Foundation, $229
  • SimpliCam, $99 

Beyond the preset package options, you can also create your own custom package designed to perfectly suit your needs. You can also add 720p HD security cameras to any package for $99 each. Click here for more details on package and pricing options.

Whether you’re currently living in a small apartment or a larger home, it’s a good idea to start building your perfect home security system now. Then, should your family wind up moving later this year, you can always take the equipment with you to your new home.

Down the road, should you find that your new home is larger, you have the option to add to the system to accommodate the new location. Additional sensors can be added at any time for as little as $15. Plus, SimpliSafe never locks you down with a pricey, long-term contract. Get 24/7 monitoring at home for just $15 per month. Cancel or downgrade at any time.

With the SimpliSafe app, your husband can also have peace of mind while he’s away. He can use the app to check in and make sure everyone is safe.

This is the perfect solution for anyone who is in a similar situation. It’s also a great option for military families who are constantly on the move from one location to the next, or parents of college kids who want to make sure their child is always safe.

Even for those who don’t fall within the groups mentioned above, securing your home with a system from SimpliSafe is a good idea. Your home could be targeted by burglars at any time. Click here to take our home safety quiz, and see what’s putting your home at risk.

Consider beefing up your home protection with a security system from our sponsor SimpliSafe. It requires no drilling to install so you can set it up in 15 minutes in any house, apartment or garage. Even better, it doesn’t lock you into an expensive monitoring contract, so you save big money. Click here now to find out why SimpliSafe is the perfect alarm to protect you and your family, and get a 60-day money back guarantee, free shipping and Free Returns when you use promo code KIM.

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