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Best smart lock to use with your security system

Presented by SimpliSafe

Presented by SimpliSafe

For a limited time, save 20% on your SimpliSafe security system, and get your first month free when you sign up for Interactive Monitoring.

Most people don’t think about home security until it’s too late. How many horror stories have you heard from a friend or neighbor who was robbed while out of town? Too many I’m sure.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you and your family. There have been tremendous breakthroughs in home security systems over the years that make them super easy to install and affordable to use.

Our sponsor, SimpliSafe, wants you to know just how easy and affordable it is and how to take advantage of the new technology. Kim Komando is a big believer in SimpliSafe. She said, “SimpliSafe is the most innovative security system I’ve seen in a long time. Protect your family with it today.”

A perfect match

SimpliSafe recently announced a new partnership with smart lock maker August Home. The partnership means that SimpliSafe’s home security system can be integrated into these smart locks. It’s the perfect match.

SimpliSafe customers can automate locking and unlocking the August Smart Lock and August Smart Lock Pro as they arm and disarm the security system.

Founder and CEO of SimpliSafe Chad Laurans said, “Our mission is to make every home secure. We’ve taken the time to work hand-in-hand with the August Home team to ensure that the integration offers not only convenience but also the strongest, most reliable protection possible, building on our promise of a total home security platform.”

This collaboration means when you disarm your security system with the SimpliSafe Key Fob, Keypad, or mobile app it automatically unlocks your August Home smart lock. How wonderful is that?

People in the know understand that SimpliSafe is the right choice to protect your home.

Why SimpliSafe?

Real home security prepares for the worst. That’s why our sponsor SimpliSafe built backups. And backups for those backups.


An intruder can damage the keypad. Doesn’t matter. SimpliSafe still alerts the police.

Twice Secured

SimpliSafe doubled down. Took its built-in cellular connection. Put it on the strongest networks. Then reinforced it with Wi-Fi so your home is always secure.

Disaster Ready

SimpliSafe has six monitoring centers. They all protect your home, all the time. Overkill? It’s not. It means there’s no single point of failure. So a disaster can’t take down your protection.

Power Outage Protection

The power fails but SimpliSafe doesn’t. In a blackout, a backup battery kicks in and protects you for a full 24 hours.

Confirmed Alerts

Alert confirmation is a huge deal. It means that SimpliSafe sends an alarm signal until the monitoring center confirms they got it. It’s how you can be absolutely certain help is there when you need it.

Deep Encryption

From sensor to Base Station to monitoring centers and back, your signals are encrypted.

More reasons to love SimpliSafe

Easy installation

Are you daunted by the task of installing a complete security system in your home? Well, with SimpliSafe, you don’t have to be. All you need is a bit of everyday handyman skills and your whole system can be set up in under 15 minutes.

And please take that drill away because you won’t need it. You can just stick SimpliSafe’s wireless sensors onto walls, doors, and windows without peppering your house with holes. SimpliSafe is the quick and easy Do-It-Yourself home security solution you’ve been waiting for! Click here to watch a video showing how easy it is.

No need for landline or Wi-Fi

Another great thing about SimpliSafe is that it doesn’t rely on common points of failures like a wired landline or even on a Wi-Fi network. The base station uses its own cellular SIM card to communicate with SimpliSafe’s monitoring center.

That means that even if your home phone or internet connection goes down, your home will still be protected.

24/7 live monitoring

Even with SimpliSafe’s Standard Plan, you get around-the-clock monitoring for about 50 cents a day. When the system is triggered, aside from the local siren sounding off, the alert will be transmitted instantly to SimpliSafe’s live monitoring team. They will then contact the police to investigate and will also give you a call to let you know.

With the Interactive Plan, in addition to 24/7 live monitoring, you’ll also get on-the-go mobile control, SMS text and email alerts, power outage protection, smoke and fire protection, and more for only 83 cents a day.

No long-term contracts

One of the main reasons we love SimpliSafe’s home security system is that it offers all this outstanding professional home monitoring without any long-term contracts.

Yep, no commitments, no hidden fees, no activation or installation fees and you can cancel anytime. Get the around-the-clock home protection and that peace of mind you’ve been wanting all along.

Bonus: Add the August Smart Lock to your home

If you want to integrate SimpliSafe into your smart locks, pick up one of these August Home locks. It’s the perfect companion to your home security system.


Make sure SimpliSafe is protecting your home and family. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, free shipping and free returns.

Click here to get SimpliSafe and get the best home security system available today.

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