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Sponsored: BeenVerified brings families together!

Have you ever tried tracking down a long lost friend or relative? With the popularity of social media, sometimes it’s so simple to just put a name on a site’s search bar and hope for the best. But is that a good idea? With all the fake and cloned profiles going around on Facebook, you may even be putting your own personal safety at risk!

And what if the person you’re looking for doesn’t even have any social media accounts? You’ll be facing dead end after dead end, chasing after someone who has zero interest in mingling his name out there with countless other internet denizens. Then what?

One other popular way to find long lost connections is through “people finder” sites. We can’t blame you if you’re a bit hesitant in using any of these services. They are dime a dozen and most of them look so scammy, impersonal and intrusive, you yourself may even consider removing your own name from them. (Good luck with that.)

Fortunately, we actually found one site that is head and shoulders above everyone else. Finally, a people finding site that doesn’t feel creepy at all.

BeenVerified – a “People Connecting” Service

Our sponsor, BeenVerified is an online service that promises to “make public records easy, affordable, and accurate for everyone.”

With the help of its data partners, BeenVerified sweeps through several databases of publicly available information including data from social media sites to track down anyone you’re searching for.

For sites that constantly deal with people’s information, other people finder services are ironically so impersonal. There’s typically no real customer support whatsoever. All you get are online forms, automated canned replies and human representatives are next to impossible to get a hold of.

BeenVerified changes all that. With fully-staffed customer support teams in New York City and Miami, they make sure you get all your questions answered – the proper way, with real people.

In fact, we think of BeenVerified not as a people finder site – BeenVerified is more like a “people connecting” service.

Click here to learn more about why BeenVerified stands apart from the rest.

A true story

To reconnect with our roots is something instinctive in most of us – it’s that intangible feeling of home that we chase after.

Here’s a true story from a real reviewer that shows how BeenVerified not only helps us to stay safe, it also helps us reconnect with our loved ones and brings families together.

This grateful BeenVerified customer wrote on an online review site that thanks to BeenVerified, she was able to locate her long-lost father after “15 long, depressing, heartbreaking years.” She said she tried other sites over that time period with limited success and she was losing hope fast.

Fortunately, during a routine Google search, she came across BeenVerified’s service. Understandably, due to her past experiences with other “people finder” sites, she was skeptical at first, but lo and behold, BeenVerified provided her with her long-lost father’s current address, something other sites weren’t able to produce! And get this, he was even living at the same address for seven years!

So one fateful day in July, she gathered enough fortitude to pay that address a visit. With “little to no hope,” she rang the buzzer.

These next few moments ultimately changed her life forever. Staring back at her, through the other side of the door, were the unmistakable eyes of her father. She felt them…. “they were her Daddy’s eyes.”

Her quest was fulfilled. It was a long ways coming, but finally, she was home again at last.

She wrote,”I can strongly attest that any anger, resentment, sadness I had been feeling during those 15 years of estrangement simply vanished as soon as he wrapped his arms around me in the strongest and most loving grasp I’ve ever felt!!!”

You can definitely feel the gamut of emotions gushing from her own words but who can blame her? Imagine that, 15 lonely years spent apart! She has tried different sites and services with disappointing results but fortunately, she found BeenVerified. Now, a father and his daughter are reunited.

If you were in her shoes, wouldn’t you do the same? Sign up for BeenVerified today and get reconnected with your loved ones!

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