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Google exterminates frustrating Bluetooth bugs

If your Android phone is acting weird, the first thing you might wonder is if you’ve somehow gotten a virus. Hey, don’t laugh — it’s a very real phenomenon and it can absolutely happen! You’re basically carrying around a super-powerful computer in your pocket, after all, that’s rife with plenty of awesome features you may not even know how to use yet.

Most of the time, though, whatever anomalies are plaguing your phone can be traced back to a bug or a glitch that can be resolved quite easily, either by using special tricks to fix any errant issues your device may be having or by a quick fix from Google for your trusted Android device.

Bluetooth seems to be the aspect of Android smartphones that’s been causing users frustration. There are issues with media and ringer volume on phones pairing together, which will inexplicably begin to ignore any vibrate or do not disturb settings, or just phones not working with the feature at all.

That’s why we’re going to tell you about simple fixes from Google that should make your Android gadget work well with Bluetooth.

How to fix Bluetooth glitches on your Android device

It looks like most Android phones affected by Bluetooth bugs are Pixel devices. However, others have seen problems as well including the Galaxy S9, Note 9, Galaxy A5, and even Android Police’s issue with the OnePlus 6T.

Bluetooth problems could plague any Android phone user, so keep an eye out for anomalies even if you think your model may be out of the woods.

If you’ve noticed any of the following issues with your phone or device, you may have a problem:

  • Your notification sounds are being doubled or tripled at varying volume levels
  • Your notifications are appearing multiple times even after you’ve closed them out
  • Your notification sounds will play even if your phone is on do not disturb mode or set to vibrate

But don’t be too worried if you’ve been seeing these problems. Contrary to what you may have seen throughout various investigative threads on Reddit, there’s already a way to keep these issues from continuing to happen. And no, it doesn’t involve you having to get a new phone or wiping the information from the one you’ve got.

Luckily, Google has identified the issue and has since rolled out a fix. All you really need to do is wait for Google’s latest automatic update to resolve the problem.

“We’ve identified a solution to resolve the issues reported here, and have begun rolling out a fix this week. The update will happen automatically, so users should notice improvements immediately,” the company announced.

So you’re off the hook. You don’t have to go to any lengthy solutions to get your phone back to normal. It should eventually just resolve all on its own, and you’ll see these Bluetooth-connected issues begin dissipating like a thunderstorm on a summer’s day.

In the meantime, a restart of your device couldn’t hurt, just to give you a fresh start and to make sure any updates that need to come through are safely installed on your device. You may also want to do a bit of housekeeping to speed up a slower phone by using this suite of helpful tricks — once the bug problems are sorted, anyway.

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