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5 best gadgets to keep criminals from stealing your information

It’s a dangerous world out there and keeping our sensitive information out of the hands of criminals can seem hopeless. Massive data breaches like the one revealed at Equifax doesn’t help matters. Nearly half of all Americans had critical data exposed in that breach.

Cybercriminals trying to hack our information aren’t the only ones we need to worry about. There are also old-fashioned criminals out there, rummaging through our trash looking for sensitive data, or even worse, breaking into our homes to get their hands on it.

With so many threats lurking, you might feel overwhelmed at the prospect of protecting your information. You don’t have to go it alone though, there are plenty of items to add to your repertoire to help.

That’s why you need to know the best 5 gadgets to keep criminals from stealing your information.

Easily protect your confidential documents

Protect your critical information on documents with this ID protection roller stamp. It puts a unique pattern over the text you want to secure, hiding it from being read from the front or back of the document.

The roller is 1-inch thick so it can cover full addresses or prescription bottle labels in one pass over. It comes with one roller and one ink refill for over 300 feet of security.

You can purchase one of these handy ID protection roller stamps from the Komando Shop for under $24.

Your files have never been safer

This PIN encrypted storage drive was made for people looking for SERIOUS file security. Using an ultra-secure, PIN authenticated, portable USB 3.1 hard drive with real-time AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption, your files have never been safer.

It’s easy to use and set up, you choose your own 7-15 digit PIN code so only you can access your files. It works with any operating system including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Thin Clients, Zero Clients and embedded systems. With 1 TB of storage you’ll have plenty of space to store your important files and you can upload them with your computer, tablet or phone.

Buy this encrypted portable storage drive from the Komando Shop for $335.99 , it’s a great way to keep your most important information safe.

Protect your files on the go

Safeguard your files while on the go with this USB storage device. They will be fully encrypted and only you can access them with the 7-15 PIN that you set.

There is no software required, it’s hack proof and easy to use. It works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Android, iOS and embedded systems. You can even store files directly from your phone or tablet.

Here are some of the gadget’s features:

  • FIPS Security 140-2 Level 3 Certified
  • Comes with 8GB of storage
  • Military grade full-disk AES 256-bit CBC hardware encryption
  • Tamper evident and resistant
  • Auto-lock on removal
  • Guaranteed with 3-year warranty
  • PIN activated 7-15 digits – Alphanumeric keypad lets you use a memorable number or word for your PIN
  • Brute force hack defense mechanism

Pick one up today from the Komando Shop for under $74 and you’ll be able to take your sensitive files with you and have the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Ultimate phone silencing

With this RFID Blocking Pouch, you’ll be able to protect your credit cards, phone, passports and more from RFID reading devices and hackers. Many people don’t know that virtually all new devices can be accessed remotely, even with the gadget powered off and the battery removed.

This pouch prevents hackers and criminals from accessing your personal information. It is so powerful that it stops calls, texts or emails while the phone is stored in the pocket but allows your messages and texts to download once removed from the case. You don’t have to worry about missing a thing.

There are two storage pockets for your credit cards, ID and cash. Simply make sure the clasp is securely fastened for complete signal blocking.

Order one of these amazing RFID blocking pouches from the Komando Shop for under $38. In fact, order two because it makes a perfect gift.

Keep your valuables safe at home

This fire resistant security box is small enough to conceal under a bed or on the top shelf of a closet. It allows you to safeguard important parts of your life from disasters and home invaders.

It’s also fire resistant and locks with a key for additional security. Here are some of its features:

  • Double steel wall construction
  • Fire resistant insulation
  • Protective floor mat
  • Scratch resistant powder coat finish
  • Weighs only 5.3 lbs

Purchase yours from the Komando Shop for under $35 for a reliable place to store your valuable things. App background

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