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10 types of spy cameras that could be watching you now, #6 is shocking

Camera technology has advanced a lot the past few years. They keep getting smaller and smaller, making it possible to conceal them any which way.

Spy cam manufacturers have been creative in producing some of the most cleverly disguised (and tiny) camera/DVR systems, complete with HD video, motion detection, large storage card support and remote controls.

So here are 10 spy cameras you’d never expect!

1. USB flash drive spy cameras

These cameras look like your regular USB storage sticks, but think again. They have a hidden camera inside! It’s not unusual these days for someone to be carrying USB sticks around so spotting them can be a bit challenging.

So how can you tell? The camera lens for these USB stick cameras is usually located on the posterior end of the stick, opposite the USB plug. With this form factor, this spy cam will blend seamlessly in an office or classroom.

The product shown here is a U-Disk Nanny Cam Video Recorder USB Flash Drive Hidden Camera from Amazon.

2. Men’s shower gel spy cameras

Men's shower gel spy cam

As creepy as it sounds, they actually sell these now. They’re cameras disguised as shampoo or body wash bottles. The top half of these sneaky little spy cams is actually a refillable container for legitimate shower gel and the bottom half houses the camera circuitry. They are also advertised as water-resistant, equipped with motion detection and a remote.

This type of spy cam makes sure it will record only what you want to record, but it’s also something you should watch out for when you’re staying at someone’s house, or in a rental.

The product shown here is an Adidas Men’s Shower Gel Bathroom Spy Camera from

3. Wi-Fi AC adapter spy cameras

Now, these cameras are disguised as your regular power brick/AC power supply. They plug into the wall like any run-of-the-mill wall wart and they look unassuming enough to be mistaken for anything else. They even come with their own wire that apparently powers nothing. But they hide a deep, dark secret. They are actually fully functional camera/DVR systems.

The lens for this spy cam is usually hidden in a tiny hole between the + and – polarity symbols. Some models also have built-in Wi-Fi so you could live stream the footage to your phone or tablet via app as it happens. If live streaming is not your thing, it also saves on a Micro SD under a hidden compartment on the unit.

The product shown here is a Focuslife HD Hidden Home Security Surveillance Camera Nanny Camp P2P Wireless Spy Camera, available at Amazon.

4. Bathroom tissue box spy cameras

Bathroom tissue box camera amazon

These spy cams look like normal tissue paper boxes or toilet roll dispensers but look again! Many manufacturers of some of these contraptions advertise them as pinhole free so they are harder to detect. They’re a bit bulkier than the other spy cams but blend seamlessly into a home setting. Just plop them down on a table or dresser and no one would suspect a thing.

The product shown here is a Tissue Box Portable Hidden Camera from Amazon.

5. Electrical outlet spy cameras

Electrical camera spy cam

See that wall outlet face that almost always resembles a startled emoji? Well, it might just be a camera in disguise. The tiny cameras for these units are hidden within the normal electrical sockets’ holes.

The rechargeable ones have sticky adhesive backs so they could be positioned anywhere there is a wall to cling to. But other models actually plug in and go on top of an existing wall outlet.

The product shown here is a Spy-MAX security Products Hidden Camera Outlet from Amazon.

6. Toilet brush spy cameras

Toilet Brush Spy Camera - new-large

Who would ever think this lowly toilet sanitation device could be anything else? Well, no one… except the guys who thought of the toilet brush spy camera, of course. And there lies the charm of this little gizmo. Who would ever want to mess with a filthy toilet brush in a stranger’s house? Exactly.

Most of these units come with a remote control and motion detection, too, so covert surveillance is entirely possible with these deceptive little things. These spy cameras aren’t found in many of your typical retail stores, but there are online shops that are dedicated to selling them.

This product is the Pinhole Spy Toilet Brush from

7. Smoke detector spy cameras

Smoke detectors may just be the perfect hiding spot for hidden cameras because they are usually installed higher up in a room (say, the ceiling). These smoke detector spy cams also use wide angle lenses and this, combined with elevated placement, could provide full room surveillance and maximum privacy invasion.

It’s important to note that most of these are not working smoke detectors. So, if you’re in a location that seems to have more smoke detectors than necessary, it may be a sign that some of them are hidden cameras.

This product is the PalmVID DVR PRO Smoke Detector Hidden Camera Spy Camera with Adjustable View from Amazon.

8. Clock radio spy cameras

Clock radio spy camera amazon

These cameras come in different shapes and sizes and they do play media files and have FM radios built in. You won’t suspect a thing if you are jamming to your favorite tunes, right? Clock radios usually have busy user interfaces with knobs, labels and sensors so the pinhole lens for these spy cams will be harder to spot.

Some models can even shoot in low-light conditions and loop recordings on a large capacity micro SD card. This means that all-day, all-night coverage is certainly possible.

The product shown here is the Jumbl Mini Hidden Spy Camera Radio Clock from Amazon.

9. Cellphone charger spy cameras

Similar to the power adapter spy camera, this device is plugged in to the wall, pretending to be a regular USB charger. But it’s really a fully functional USB phone charger – with a few extras, like a mini camera and a fully functional DVR!

These types of spy cams actually do double as real chargers too, so they’re difficult to spot.

The product shown here is the Hidden Spy Camera 1080P HD USB Cube Surveillance Wall Charger Cam with Motion Detection at Amazon.

10. Sports shoes hidden spy camera

Sneakers spy camera

Sneakers are probably one of the last places you’d think to look for a spy camera, but these stealthy cameras exist. They look like regular shoes, but have a tiny camera embedded in one of the tongues. The camera points upward, giving the spy a bottom up perspective of the surroundings.

The product shown here is the Men Sports Shoes Pinhole Spy Camera from

As you can see, spy cameras now come in the most unexpected forms! If you’re a bit wary that there may be incognito cameras around you, there are tools that could help you detect them. Click here to learn how to spot them now.

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