September 17, 2022

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The latest Elon Musk drama and a look into the lives of people forced to work as cyberscammers. Plus, ways to ensure Facebook isn’t listening, how to earn cash just for searching the web and do you really need to walk 10,000 steps a day? Here’s where the claim originated.

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In the second hour

Amazon’s latest Kindle model is worth the upgrade, Google Photos has new ways to show you treasured memories, Walmart’s ingenious new clothing fit technology and a smart coffee maker that will change your morning. Plus, how to get your real signature on digital docs, Amazon’s more affordable versions of popular tech products and how to safely get rid of an old hard drive.

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In the third hour

Game-changing tech if you’re on the fence about electric vehicles, Comast debuts super-fast internet, how to find the most legroom on your next flight, and six signs your phone has stalkerware. Plus, hidden settings in the new iPhone iOS 16 update and digital clues that someone is snooping on your phone.

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