September 10, 2022

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The reason the “log in with Facebook button” is disappearing from websites, the Biden administration’s $50 billion chip investment plan, the best thing to happen to cellphones since the iPhone, and username mistakes putting your online privacy at risk. And if someone sends you cash by “accident” on Venmo, here’s the risk of sending it back.

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In the second hour

Apple finally announced all its new tech, including the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch 8. Find out what’s worth buying. Plus, a sneaky new way hackers are sharing malware, and how to outsmart kids who can get past parental controls. And it’s time to upgrade your yard with smart sprinklers. Here are features to look for and some of our favorite models.

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In the third hour

Amazon is testing a new spot for package pickup: The police station. Plus, Apple isn’t the only one with a new phone. The Google Pixel 7 is coming this fall. And would you get a manicure from a robot? Soon you’ll be able to — for just $10.

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