October 29, 2022

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In the first hour

Google’s political bias, how to get unbiased news and why Zuckerberg is slashing Facebook’s workforce. Plus, Spotify won’t remove Kanye West’s music, but you can. And your smart TV is spying on you. Kim has steps on how to stop it.

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In the second hour

How to get fast, reliable internet to an RV and TikTok’s new “stay-at-home girlfriend” trend. Plus, how to pick the perfect phone case, how to buy unclaimed Amazon packages and Google finally made a vital update to its Nest cams.

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In the third hour

A futuristic new bath is closer to a human washing machine, Disney wants to track you and how to rent your space by the hour. Plus, AI is making it harder to find a job and there’s a secret way to know who’s calling without picking up your phone.

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