June 4, 2022

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A new study shows how easily the Amazon Echo, Google Nest and other smart devices can be hacked. Plus, Val Kilmer makes a comeback in “Top Gun: Maverick” with the help of AI, and IBM’s self-sailing ship crossing the Atlantic without any humans onboard just hit another snag.

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In the second hour

A new phone developer attempts to de-Google Android phones. Can they succeed? Plus, big changes coming to the new iPhone and iPad models and Meta’s new calling feature makes Messenger a whole lot more useful.

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In the third hour

Apple Watch may be getting a significant new feature that could change wearables. Plus, cars aren’t the only thing going electric. Say hello to a new crop of snowmobiles, boats and mowers. And Roomba’s new iRobot OS looks to take household bots to the next level.

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