June 25, 2022

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Ever wonder just how much money Big Tech companies make? I’ve got the inside scoop on how much Amazon, Google and Facebook make every single minute of the day. Plus, crypto scammers have a smart new way to fool even the savviest people into handing over money. And Amazon just debuted a new Alexa technology that would allow you to reconnect with a dead relative. Good idea or just plain creepy?

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In the second hour

Google has some competition: Privacy-focused Brave says its new Goggles feature lets you control what you see — not an algorithm. Plus, before moving around furniture, use your phone to see how the new layout will look. Kim has a few apps, including one from IKEA, that get the job done. And Canon’s new $600 camera uses a special algorithm and face tracking to photos automatically. Sounds cool, but it’s a privacy nightmare.

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In the third hour

Are the humanoid robots we’ve seen in science fiction for decades finally coming? Elon Musk says the Tesla robot will be here by the end of summer. Plus, want a ride without having to chat with the driver? A new driverless car service is debuting in California and it’s cheaper than Uber. And Twitter, synonymous with short posts, will soon let you write as much as your heart desires.

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