June 18, 2022

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Amazon owns an encrypted messaging app that allows perverts to exchange child porn. Why hasn’t anything been done to stop this? Plus, a Google software engineer is on paid leave after claiming a Google AI program is alive. Does his claim hold water? And Apple has a plan to do away with passwords. Sounds convenient, but the jury is still out on whether it can really keep our accounts safe.

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In the second hour

Forget Google and Apple Maps — a new navigation system splits the Earth into three-meter squares. Each one gets its own three-word code that makes getting anywhere easier. Plus, Lime has a new option if you don’t want to ride a scooter but want to save on gas: An electric motorbike you can rent. And Firefox just made a change that stops sites from following you around the web.

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In the third hour

Digital license plates are expanding, which could save you if your vehicle is ever lost or stolen. Plus, have fond memories of your old Walkman? Sony has an impressive new version of the iconic music player … and it’ll cost you $3,700. And if you live in California, look up. You just might spot an Amazon drone delivery.

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