June 11, 2022

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My take on social media’s role in school shootings — and why they refuse to do anything about it. Plus, parents are suing Meta after their daughter’s social media use led to some dire consequences. And Americans are stripping down on the subscription-based OnlyFans site. You won’t believe how much money they’re making.

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In the second hour

Apple just teased all the new changes coming to your iPhone, Mac, iPad and Apple Watch this fall, along with the hot new gadgets that will be released just in time for holiday shopping. Plus, an Instagram phishing attack you should know about and how to mark a tweet as a spoiler so you don’t spoil the latest streaming hit.

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In the third hour

A new tool allows anyone to create realistic-looking humans right in a browser. Plus, Amazon is opening its first physical fashion store in LA. Can’t visit? Try the Virtual Try-On for shoes instead to see how they’ll look on you. And Samsung’s new Family Hub update turns smart fridges into a full-fledged smart assistant with a 22-inch screen.

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