July 9, 2022

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North Korean hackers are targeting healthcare organizations. Kim has literal life-saving tips for anyone who works in the industry. Plus, Apple’s new Lockdown Mode for iPhone offers extreme security — and the company is willing to pay $2 million to anyone that can break through it. And Google knows way more than your email address and phone number. There are three creepy lists lurking in your account history that show Google knows close to everything about you.

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In the second hour

Amazon Prime subscribers just got a valuable upgrade: A year of food deliveries without paying the annoying fees. Plus, forget your phone’s call log — if you really want to see spam, go to Twitter. The social media giant says it removes a whopping 1 million spam accounts per day. And if you’re sick of shelling out money for all those streaming services, Kim has an action plan to find and watch your shows without the monthly fees.

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In the third hour

Kim has the rumors and leaks on all the latest tech, including iOS 16, an extreme sports Apple Watch with a two-inch display, and the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. Plus, how to secure your Google account before you die and the email tracking secret advertisers don’t want you to know.

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