July 23, 2022

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The District Attorney in a major U.S. city wants her police department to tap into privately-owned security cameras in the name of public safety. Too bad it’s a violation of Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights. Plus, Netflix has a new ad-supported tier coming — but don’t expect it to include everything you’d get with the paid version. And Kim has five ways to think more like a hacker to protect your money.

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In the second hour

Apple just released an update for iPhones, iPads, Macs and more. Here’s why you should install them right away. Plus, digital luggage tags are finally replacing the paper version — but only if you fly this airline. And if you’re ready to sort out your messy photo collection finally, listen for the steps to get it done correctly.

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In the third hour

Amazon acquired a medical company that wants to change how we receive care. Plus, we all have an old cellphone or two sitting around; Kim has five handy ways to get more life out of yours. And political spam is coming to your inbox. Take this step now to stop the junk.

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