July 2, 2022

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The FCC asked Google and Apple to remove TikTok from their app stores. You won’t believe just how much user info is being shared with the Chinese company behind the viral video app. Plus, the cryptocurrency meltdown continues as a major crypto hedge fund defaulted on a $670 million loan. And your phone contains a secret ID that’s supposed to protect your identity from advertisers. A new report shows your data isn’t as private as any of us might hope.

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In the second hour

A viral Kindle “life hack” is leaving authors seeing red — and out a lot of money. Plus, if you use Google Meet, be careful about missing video calls. A new feature acts as a digital tattletale. And you can make big bucks renting out your home, and we don’t mean through Airbnb. Get paid for your indoor and outdoor space by the hour.

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Disney World is getting a high-tech upgrade with robotic lockers that could bring your stuff right to you. Plus, Spotify is testing a new karaoke setting that tests how well you know your favorite songs so you can sing along without leaving the house. And good news if you’re sick of those mysterious telemarketer messages that appear without you ever hearing your phone ring: The FCC is cracking down on ringless voicemail.

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