July 16, 2022

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A new state law requires gun applicants to provide their social media accounts. I’ll tell you what officials are looking for. Plus, you know your phone and computer can be hacked, but what about your TV? There are three major warning signs. And if you’re headed to the airport soon, a warning: Ubers are getting uber expensive. Can you guess the state where rides cost the most?

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In the second hour

See what you’d look like as an action figure with Hasbro’s new 3D-printed Selfie Series. Plus, get ready to pony up for yet another streaming service if you’re a football fan. And today’s smartphone cameras are good enough to get pro-quality shots if you know the right tricks. That and much more, plus all your calls and questions.

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In the third hour

You may never have to struggle with parallel parking again if EasyTurn becomes a household name. It’s a new steering system that allows cars to drive sideways, so no more scraping the curb. Plus, Amazon’s new smart cart weighs your produce, keeps track of coupons and more to make grocery shopping easy. And medical alert systems are expensive. Kim has a smart way to get many of the same features for much less money.

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