January 7, 2023

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A suspect was arrested in the Idaho murders — a person found using a controversial DNA method. Plus, a Tesla police chase, the best and worst alarms to wake up to and how to secure new tech from hackers. And check your home for these everyday objects that can threaten your cybersecurity.

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In the second hour

The annual CES convention is underway and Kim has the top tech you need to know about. BMW unveils its AI car, smarter appliances from LG and Samsung, a new smartwatch that lets kids video chat with parents, and high-tech upgrades to, yep, the toilet. Plus, how to bring in money selling your stuff — and all the best places to do it.

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In the third hour

The hidden costs of online shopping and a serious warning if you drive a Kia or Hyundai. Plus, how to work out with Netflix, how to save 70% on Amazon and quick, low-effort tech tasks to make 2023 better. And if you keep embarrassing yourself, simple ways to stop drunk texting.

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