December 31, 2022

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Your worst fear comes true: The blue light that emits from your phone, computer, PC and tablet is literally making you age faster. Plus, a viral online challenge has led to another death. Warn the kids in your family. And home security mistakes that could leave you and your loved ones less safe — and the simple fixes.

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In the second hour

Update your iPhone or iPad. A patch fixes a major security issue in older models. Plus, taking a break from Facebook? Here’s how to stop the temptation to log in. And making these mistakes could cost you big when shopping on Amazon.

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In the third hour

Facebook and Twitter are experimenting with new features. Here’s the catch: You have to pay. Plus, the iPhone is killing passwords, the best apps for golfers, and tech worth springing for if you’re car shopping. And a simple way to block the junk you don’t want to see on social media.

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