August 27, 2022

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The American Data Privacy and Protection Act would limit what tech companies can collect — and it has bipartisan support. Plus, clever scams that landed in Kim’s inbox and how you can avoid them. And if you create a lot of Word docs or PowerPoint presentations, there’s a secret you need to know to create smaller files.

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In the second hour

Instacart just expanded its delivery options so you can get a lot more than groceries right to your door. Speaking of deliveries, if you order groceries from Walmart, a new smart home partnership means the delivery driver can drop them right in your garage. And before your next cleaning session, 10 things that are illegal to toss in the trash. Find out how to get rid of them safely and legally.

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In the third hour

Facebook is finally adding customer support to help people who have lost access to their accounts. About time. Plus, your iPhone has many default settings that do more for Apple than for you. Change them today. And if you have little ones in the family, Kim has an essential tip to keep kids safe at school.

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