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Guess how much a cyberattack on our power grid could cost

Terrorists or hackers taking down the U.S. power grid using a computer virus sounds like the plot of a Hollywood movie (in fact, it...
Preparedness June 29, 2017

Hackers targeting U.S. nuclear facilities according to FBI

This year, we've seen voter records and private government files breached by hackers. But this is bigger, and more frightening, than anything we've seen...
Preparedness June 24, 2017

The next big cyberattack the world's not ready for

As another "ransomworm" spreads across the globe, one thing becomes clear: The world isn't ready for the next cyberattack that's coming. Hackers' schemes are...
Preparedness June 14, 2017

Warning of new malware attacks against power grids

Malware may be life threatening. While you've heard that malware can spread through computer systems to steal your money and ID, hackers are getting...
Preparedness June 2, 2017

How to stay powered up while off the grid

Our digital lives rely on power. From smartphones to tablets to wireless earphones, everything needs juice and power outlets aren’t always handy when we’re...
Preparedness June 2, 2017

U.S. on "red alert" for hacking attacks

Haunting. That's the word being used to describe this new development. America’s infrastructure is on "red alert" for its national security, but not for...
Preparedness March 3, 2017


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