Other stories about Emergency Preparedness

One app you need in an emergency

There are plenty of fitness trackers, smartwatches with fitness tracking, and fitness apps for your phone that make sure you're staying active and in...
Preparedness September 16, 2017

iOS 11 feature includes much needed safety feature

Are you excited about Apple's new iPhone models that will soon be released? Around the same time, iOS 11 will be available and it...
Preparedness August 8, 2017

One surprising app that can save you from a roadside emergency

Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire or engine problems? If you don't have roadside assistance...
Preparedness August 4, 2017

How Google's Trusted Contacts can help you in an emergency

A massive storm has arrived. There’s a power outage. Your teenager is off somewhere with friends and you’re worried. You check your smartphone, open...
Preparedness July 31, 2017

Turn this Windows service OFF right now! It leaves you vulnerable to attacks

There's a service running on your Windows PC that you're probably not even aware of. It helps you share files with other people, but...
Preparedness July 24, 2017

Find my Friends, and two other crucial personal security apps

Have you ever been worried about someone, and wanted to know where they were? This can be very frustrating, especially if you're a parent...
Preparedness July 23, 2017

How to stay powered up while off the grid

Our digital lives rely on power. From smartphones to tablets to wireless earphones, everything needs juice and power outlets aren’t always handy when we’re...
Preparedness June 2, 2017

Listen to police scanners from any neighborhood

It's a dangerous world out there for sure. If an emergency situation is happening, one of the most valuable things to have access to...
Preparedness April 30, 2017

5 apps that can save your life in an emergency

We can't help it, we feel like danger can be lurking everywhere. Walking down the street, getting into your car in a parking lot,...
Preparedness January 7, 2017


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