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Tech Refresh with Kim Komando and Friends

Tech Refresh is your fun talk show about all things digital — the good, bad and uplifting. From what you should buy to the latest crazy internet trends, Kim, Allie and Matt break it down. Listen once and you’re hooked, it’s that simple.

Latest episodes

Spot deepfakes, repair warning, best family plans

December 2, 2022
Wait until January to buy TVs, workout gear, winter clothes and home goods. Here's why. Plus, TikTok live streams are getting out of control, best Christmas gifts under $50, cheapest family plans, be careful getting your phone or computer repaired and a new way to recognize fake images and videos.

Get faster internet, text message tips, sue scam callers for $100,000

November 25, 2022
Do you get scam calls all the time? Here's how one guy used telemarketers to raise $100,000. Plus, the best new iPhone features, blocking third-party cookies and the best way to read a book on your phone. And a quick way to find specific pictures, keywords and more in your text messages.

Holiday mail mistake, Taylor Swift hype, better holiday photos

November 17, 2022
The USPS is warning against one of the easiest ways to send a letter or gift. Why? Thieves are targeting holiday mail. Plus how Taylor Swift broke the internet, two smart new Windows tips and how to get better photos with your family.

Car recall alert, self-driving taxis, smart assistant tricks

November 11, 2022
Find the best laptop for your budget, new Siri and Google Assistant tricks, car recalls to watch out for, best video game gifts for any age, self-driving taxi updates and more of the top tech news stories from the Kim Komando team.

Update Chrome now, cash-saving travel tips, stop your boss from spying

November 4, 2022
Got a trip coming up? These are the best days to book a flight. Plus, update Google Chrome now if you have a Mac, why people are trying to get out of work, how to know if your boss is spying on you, use your PC's step recorder feature and Amazon review tips.

Venmo on Amazon, holiday smart speaker, no more Chrome

October 28, 2022
If you can solve this riddle, you belong in the FBI. Plus, Amazon now allows you to pay with Venmo, Chrome is going away with Windows 7 and browser extensions that take over your searches.

Dark Web social media, new Apple tech, browser history hack

October 21, 2022
Want to lose weight? Our social media expert Matt has all the tips you need. Thanks to these apps, his weight loss journey was a success. Plus, hackers are selling verified Twitter and Instagram accounts on the Dark Web, iPad 2022, new foldable iPad with USB-C and a foldable Pixel. Also, you don't want these mobile searches to end up as part of your history.

Browser hack, AI glasses, secret menus on your devices

October 14, 2022
Kiss your online anonymity goodbye. This browser hack exposes your secrets — even when you're incognito. Also in this podcast, check out these secret phone and computer menus and how to send files from your smartphone to your computer. Plus, insider calculator tools to make life easier and the inside scoop on Google's AI glasses.

Elon Musk's Twitter, use Gmail offline, medication reminders

October 7, 2022
Elon Musk is moving forward with his plan to buy Twitter. Kim has the scoop on what it could look like. Plus, a trick criminals can use to get past your security system, the latest on Tesla's humanoid Optimus robot, how to use Gmail in offline mode, and setting up medication reminders on iOS 16. In WTH news of the week, a real-life invisibility jacket is in the works.
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