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Tech Refresh with Kim Komando and Friends

Tech Refresh is your fun talk show about all things digital — the good, bad and uplifting. From what you should buy to the latest crazy internet trends, Kim, Allie and Matt break it down. Listen once and you’re hooked, it’s that simple.

Latest episodes

Video doorbell solves murder, TikTok cancer scam, best apps for seniors

February 3, 2023
Plus, watch out for this dangerous app, three quick computer tricks, why vintage video games are making a comeback, the richest dog in the world and a weird new way to make money.

Exploding iPhones, ChatGPT vs. teachers, Bigfoot sighting

January 27, 2023
Plus, Ticketmaster's fight with Congress, how to find a dead phone you lost, the best apps for romantics and a weird new way to make money.

Parking ticket scam, trending TikTok tech, hide from facial recognition

January 20, 2023
We've got a wacky way to make money online. Hint: It involves your feet. Plus, the tech gadgets trending on TikTok, how to text from your computer and apps to plan a wedding.

Elon Musk's world record, job scam warning, top weather apps

January 13, 2023
Want to make money online? Be a virtual babysitter! Plus, the best apps to predict rain or snow, how to set up parental controls on TikTok, cutting back on screen time can improve your health, Big Tech layoffs and how the first robot lawyer could defend you in court.

Ransomware gang grows a heart, easy tech refresh tips, romance scams

January 6, 2023
Have you ever lost a bag at the airport? Maybe it took a joyride to McDonald's. Here's the full story. Plus, this streaming mistake endangers your computer, a safety tip you should use on dating apps, how a stalker's own AirTags thwarted him, how to edit a PDF on your iPhone and a weird way to make money.

Update Chrome now, cash-saving travel tips, spot the real Amazon reviews

December 30, 2022
Got a trip coming up? These are the best days to book a flight. Plus, update Google Chrome now if you have a Mac, why people are trying to get out of work, how to know if your boss is spying on you, use your PC's step recorder feature and Amazon review tips.

Pig butchering, scam sweatshops, digital defense tips

December 23, 2022
Do you have any close online friends? They might be fattening you up like a pig before the slaughter. In this special episode, content queen Allie Seligman sat down with ProPublica reporter Cezary Podkul to expose a vicious new scam that could drain your bank account. Listen to this episode for the best defense strategies you need to protect yourself.

Facebook ticket scam, cut streaming costs, crypto arrest

December 16, 2022
Why you really need to start using a password manager, a look inside the downfall of FTX, and smart tech tips from Kim Komando and friends.

Gift card scams, stop porch pirates, top tech stories of 2022

December 9, 2022
Do you tend to forget important things when you're busy? Try this quick trick. Plus, use these simple tips to protect your packages from porch pirates during the holiday season, top tech stories of the year and holiday gift card scams to watch out for.
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