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Tech Refresh

Tech Refresh is your fun talk show about all things digital — the good, bad and uplifting. From what you should buy to the latest crazy internet trends, Allie, Ben, Cassidy and host Mike break it down. Listen once and you’re hooked, it’s that simple.

Latest episodes

Tech Refresh: What we're grateful for, smart password tactics and shopping in secret

November 24, 2020
In this special episode of Tech Refresh, Kim joins Mike’s team in Brand New or Not True. Can Allie, Ben and Cassidy fool them? Plus, the tech getting the Komando team through 2020, PlayStation and Xbox scams and practical ways to manage all those passwords.

Tech Refresh: Amazon Pharmacy, Baby Yoda in space, Gmail pro tips

November 20, 2020
Dive into the week in tech news with Allie, Ben, Cassidy and host Mike. Amazon’s online pharmacy is here, but think twice before you order. Plus, Twitter jumps on the stories bandwagon, Baby Yoda climbs aboard a SpaceX ship and Chrome’s new update is the biggest performance booster in years. The team talks holiday shopping (have you started yet?) and see if Mike can keep up his winning streak in Brand New or Not True.

Virgin Hyperloop's first ride, data breach madness, fake Clorox websites

November 13, 2020
In this episode of Tech Refresh, Allie, Ben, Cassidy and Mike talk Netflix’s new TV channel (really!), a $6K camera from Leica, and the never-ending notifications always buzzing and beeping at us. Plus, the latest tricks scammers are using to steal your money and a tribute to the late Alex Trebek. And find out if Mike can finally guess correctly in Brand New or Not True.

Delete these apps, Apple help scam, data caps are back

November 4, 2020
Play games on your phone? We’ve got 21 scammy apps you need to delete. Plus, Facebook snubs Apple, ‘zombie’ batteries are starting fires, and internet data caps are back. We talk working out from home during the pandemic, and in Brand New or Not True, see if the crew can fool Mike with a mighty convincing fake tech product.