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Tech Refresh with Kim Komando and Friends

Tech Refresh is your fun talk show about all things digital — the good, bad and uplifting. From what you should buy to the latest crazy internet trends, Kim, Allie, Ben and Matt break it down. Listen once and you’re hooked, it’s that simple.

Latest episodes

COVID test scams, Netflix price increase, smart Alexa tip

January 21, 2022
Looking for free COVID tests? Don’t go to one of the many scam sites that have popped up almost overnight. Plus, Netflix just hit a major milestone … and you’re not going to like it. Plus, how to use your Echo or phone to detect sounds like a knock at the door, barking dogs and glass breaking.

Wordle tips, smart guns, 'Batman' letdown

January 14, 2022
Are you playing Wordle? It seems like just about everyone is! We've got pro tips to help you win the hot word game and a warning about the Wordle app. Plus, smart guns are coming and Kim has the details. And find out why the internet is up in arms over the latest "Batman" movie and its PG-13 rating.

Goodbye 3G, CES winners, 'Harry Potter' reunion flubs

January 7, 2022
The major wireless providers are doing away with 3G, and the impact goes well beyond your smartphone. Plus, Ben has the best products announced at this year's CES. Matt, our trusty internet scout, has the stories going viral online, including what the "Harry Potter" reunion special got wrong.

Watch out for this Google ad scam — and try this trick for better pet photos

December 30, 2021
Watch out: Scammers are creating Google ads to leech off of your search traffic. This scary trick conned some people out of $500,000 in cryptocurrency. In this episode, you’ll also get some tips for snapping the perfect picture of your pets — even if they’re always moving. Plus, Ben’s spilling the beans on his very first five-star review.

Best apps of the year, quick tech tips, Twitter bans these photos

December 23, 2021
Relive 2021 with the top songs, podcasts and apps of the year. Plus, a change to Twitter could put an end to certain types of bullying — if it's actually effective. And a special way to make guests feel at home using a piece of tech you already have in the house.

Scary software flaw, $8/mo to start your car, fix your photos

December 17, 2021
Ben has the scoop on a Log4j, a dangerous security flaw that's so ubiquitous we may see the impact for years to come. Plus, the age of subscriptions continues as one car company wants you to pay up to use your key fob. And a handy website that can remove people and objects from your photos without any editing skills.

The day the internet died, AirTags and car theft, gift ideas

December 9, 2021
Amazon Web Services went down and took a ton of websites and services with it. Plus, thieves are using AirTags to track potential victims. And Kim, Ben and Allie have your back with some out-of-the-box gift ideas if you're struggling to finish your holiday shopping.

Top apps of the year, Twitter bans sharing certain photos, Alexa guest mode

December 3, 2021
It's that time again: The list of the top apps and streaming music of 2021 is out. Are these great downloads on your phone? Plus, Twitter just banned sharing a certain kind of photo — and Ben has the details on how this affects you. Plus, how to switch your Echo to guest mode before holiday visitors arrive.

Windows drama, holiday shopping secret, fix your own iPhone

November 19, 2021
It happens like clockwork: Microsoft releases an update and the internet sounds the alarms. The latest drama involves the Edge browser. Plus, a smart tip from Ben on how to find the best prices on what you're shopping for this holiday season. And in a shocking turnaround, Apple says you'll soon be able to repair your own broken tech.
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