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Stop stores and airports from tracking your movements

Did you know that for several months Wal-Mart tested a facial recognition system that can pick an individual out of a crowd and track them…
Columns: Security November 28, 2015

My prediction for this year’s hottest Christmas gifts

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I know, I know - Have you started Christmas shopping, yet? Whether you're a seasoned pro when it comes to shopping online or in stores, or a novice who'd rather do anything else, you're going to buy gifts this time of year. But what should you buy? I have answers for you.
Tips: Shopping
November 10, 2017

The robot revolution is here - are you ready?

Remember when the concept of robots seemed so farfetched? Robots are among us. They’re in our schools, hospitals, malls, offices and assembly lines. They’re skilled, fast, accurate, and sometimes even friendly. But are these digital beings only here to help or should we watch out for them?
Downloads: Audio and Music October 4, 2017

Cutting the cord? How to pick your streaming services

"Cut the cord." It sounds so freeing, doesn't it? No more paying exorbitant fees for hundreds of channels you never watch. With streaming services, you can watch whatever, whenever, wherever. Pretty great, right? There's just one roadblock: Streaming services are complicated.
Columns: Buying Advice September 9, 2017

Secret: Hide what you buy on Amazon and have it delivered to a temporary address

Is your spouse's birthday coming up? Or maybe you're already gearing up for your holiday shopping. No matter the reason, keeping the gifts you buy a secret is critical if you're hoping to surprise that special someone. But what if you share an Amazon account? I know a trick to keep your purchases on the down low, and even ship orders to a secret address.
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy August 19, 2017

Hackers de-activating WannaCry ransomware kill switch - Prepare for a new attack now!

If a random kill switch hadn't been discovered in the code, WannaCry ransomware would have been unstoppable. Now, new evidence shows hackers are actively seeking a work-around to override the only thing that's stopping them. If you don't take these steps right now, your Windows devices could be infected when the next wave of attacks hits!

Step inside the Arctic World Vault

With all the news about hackers and cybercrime, does a place exist where data is safe? The answer will surprise you. There is a storage facility located in a place so cold and heavily secured, that it guarantees the safety of the data kept there. I’ll tell you all about the Arctic World Vault, where it is, who can store data and what their secret is to storing important documents for hundreds of years.

10 gadgets for your next road trip

Have you started thinking about your next trip? You can visit travel sites, book your rental car, hotel room and even tickets to attractions like amusement parks and museums. Don't forget to do this one critically important thing, though. Start a list of technology and other items that you must have for your family road trip.
Happening Now: General Interest February 18, 2018
Mac computers iMac MacBook Pro

What Mac to buy now in 2015

As technology continues to get faster and smaller, lots of users choose to replace older laptops and desktop computers with tablets or even larger smartphones,…
Tips: Smartphones May 6, 2015
santa driver

10 perfect Christmas gifts for car fanatics

Do you love your car, or know someone who does? Here are 10 essential gifts for car lovers.
Cars Tech: Accessories December 16, 2015