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Bluetooth Mesh is coming and here’s why you’ll want it

Could anything be better than Wi-Fi when it comes to connecting your smart home gadgets? Bluetooth is a popular method, but it has its own limitations. You've got to hear how these problems will be solved by Bluetooth "Mesh" systems.

New "Brickerbot" malware attacks insecure Wi-Fi networks and smart home gadgets

Home Wi-Fi networks and smart home gadgets pose risks. This is why: A new form of malware has been found, and it's designed specifically to infiltrate poorly-secured web connected devices. Everything from your smart TV to your security cameras could be infected with this nasty virus.
Preparedness: Cyberattack April 5, 2017

New security flaw leaves door wide open for another global ransomware attack

Microsoft may have patched the flaw that led to the worldwide ransomware attack recently, but another massive security gap has just been discovered. More than 100,000 personal computers are at risk of falling victim to the next global cyberattack. If you don't apply these patches right now, you're leaving yourself unprotected.

These 20 popular router models are major security risks!

Is one of these routers in your home right now? If so, it's a hotbed of unpatched security bugs! These flaws make it possible for hackers to steal sensitive information from your home Wi-Fi system. You have to check your router right now and follow this advice to protect your network.
Happening Now: Security & Privacy
April 22, 2017

New router feature you are going to LOVE

Routers are often overlooked, even though they're one of the most important gadgets in your home. They can make your Wi-Fi network faster, or slow it down. I don't know about you, but I prefer lightning-fast speed. That's why you have to check out this new router feature!
Happening Now: Technology April 7, 2017

Now is a bad time to buy a new PC or laptop

If a new computer is on your shopping list, you may want to hold off just a little longer. Both Apple and Microsoft have some big plans in the works that could easily determine which product you'll want. I'll tell you the changes that are right around the corner, and when you should head out shopping.
Happening Now: Smartphone/Tablets/Computers
October 17, 2016

Control all your smart-home devices from one interface

Remotely control your home's Wi-Fi-enabled devices like security systems, garage doors, lights and appliances from one Web-based controller.
Downloads: Desktop Tools November 13, 2015

Follow Santa's progress this Christmas with fun Santa trackers

He's made a list. He's checked it twice. He knows who's been naughty and who's been nice - but when is Santa actually coming to town?
Apps: Family/Parenting/Kids December 19, 2015

Save your Apple device from an unexpected disaster

Apple gadgets have such a great reputation, you never expect something will go wrong. Unfortunately, unexpected things happen all the time. Gadgets get dropped, hard drives can fail and water gets spilled, just to name a few. That's why you need to know how to make a proper backup and restore your Apple device in case an unexpected disaster occurs.
Tips: Laptops/Tablets/Computers August 16, 2017

5 steps to cutting your data usage in half

Going over your allotted monthly data can be frustrating. You start to notice your speeds throttled or your data gets cut off till the new billing cycle, or worse, you face big fees. These five tips will help you stay under the limit.
Tips: Smartphones
September 25, 2017
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