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Incognito mode isn't as private as you think

We all know it's pretty difficult to have any secrets if you're frequently browsing and sharing online.  Although not everyone is aware of it, and…

New ransomware attacking Macs! Here's how to defeat it

Last week, a new form of ransomware surfaced that's targeting anyone using the MacOS platform. If you have a Mac, you're at risk of contracting this virus, which scrambles all of your files until you pay. Trust me, you want to avoid this! But if it happens to you, I've also discovered a way to beat it.
Happening Now March 3, 2017

Swype, as we know it, is on the way out

If there is one problem with trying to type on touchscreen phones, it is that it is hard to do. Unlike a normal keyboard that…

Internet-connected cars collect your data

Your car knows more about you than you realize. Especially, if it's a newer model. You'll be surprised by how much data can be collected by these high-tech car systems. What happens with all of the data it collects? You'll be shocked when you find out.
Happening Now: Technology October 1, 2016

Fake messaging app can secretly record you and steal your information

Watch out! A phony app has just been discovered and found to be hiding invasive malware. It looks exactly like a legitimate app that millions of people use. But if you accidentally install it on your gadget, hackers can record what you're saying and steal your private data. Is your phone or tablet already infected?

Thousands of webcams vulnerable to hacks

Over 1,000 models of web-connected cameras have been found to have a serious security flaw! One of these cameras could be in your home right now, allowing hackers to hijack your device. Trust me, you need to take these steps now if you care about privacy in your own home.

5 rules to avoid the #1 scam in America

If I asked you what the number 1 scam in America is right now, you might say phishing email scams, Facebook scams, Nigerian 419 scams,…
Columns: Security
August 1, 2015

5 ways to keep your PC secure

When our PCs work normally, we sometimes take them for granted. We recklessly fill up our hard drives with data, download files, install applications and browse the web as we please. But of course, all it takes is one installation of a malicious application to ruin your PC and worse, have all your information stolen.
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy November 3, 2017

Cyberattack! 3 steps you need to take now

Last week's worldwide ransomware attack showed just how dangerous cyberattacks can be. If you don't take the necessary steps to protect yourself, you're not only risking your personal files, you're risking all of your money! Cybersecurity doesn't have to be complicated. These three steps will keep you safe. You can't afford to put them off any longer!
Happening Now: Security & Privacy
May 15, 2017

10 incredibly useful ways to use a USB drive you didn't know

Are you sitting at your desk? Go ahead, reach down, and open your desk drawer. You know the one. It’s the drawer that holds a couple outdated cellphones, a tangle of paper clips, and mystery cables from long-gone devices. You probably have a small herd of USB flash drives in there, forgotten, unused and unloved. It’s time to give them purpose and a new lease on their electronic lives.
Tips: Laptops/Tablets/Computers
May 31, 2018
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