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Top music streaming service urges users to change passwords

Music streaming services make it easy to play your favorite songs whenever you want. But if you have an account with this major service, you need to change your password immediately. I’ll tell you which service is pushing customers to update their login credentials, and why.

Human traffickers thrive on Twitter

The place most sleazeballs go to find a prostitute these days isn't the shady part of town, it's Twitter. Congress has begun an investigation into…
Happening Now January 31, 2014

Gone Viral: 6-year-old's letter to the IRS

There's two things you can count on in life: Death and taxes. But normally, you don't have to start worrying about that until you are…
Happening Now February 20, 2014

Tweets from Sochi: Olympics are a disaster

Journalists have begun arriving in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, and it looks even worse than the rumors. They've been tweeting pictures of…
Happening Now February 5, 2014
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