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israeli soldiers

You have to see what one brilliant Israeli soldier did to protect his unit

The recent fighting of Israel and Hamas over the Gaza strip has left hundreds of casualties, many of them children, dead or scarred or crippled.…
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UPDATE: Highway patrol stole photos from arrested woman's phone

UPDATE: New evidence has surfaced in the case against CHP Officer Harrington regarding photos taken from a drunk woman while she was in jail. It…
Happening Now: General Interest October 24, 2014

Improve your understanding of the Bible with support materials and sermons

If you regularly read the Bible, you know its messages help shape the person you are. Reading the Bible gives you guidance and comfort, including when you're going through life's toughest moments. But, even frequent readers of the Bible can sometimes feel stumped. Some of the language is complicated. A lot of its meanings are unclear, and many of its passages leave you more confused than before you read them.
Cool Sites: Family
April 1, 2018
windows tablet

10 great apps for your Windows 10 tablet

Windows 10 supports apps, but what apps are there to get? Here are 10 you'll want to check out.
Tips: Tablets December 18, 2015

U.S. Navy unleashes swarms of drone boats

Imagine that you're enjoying a peaceful harbor tour, maybe in San Diego, gently rocking in the boat as the tour guide points out some scenic…
Happening Now: New Technology October 6, 2014

Windows support blocked on new computers?

Trying to install Windows on your new computer? That may not be a good idea. Microsoft is now blocking support for certain versions, which leaves you without protection from security updates. If you want to use Windows, there are only a few options left, but you may not be happy with them.
Happening Now: computers April 15, 2017
Adobe Flash on screen

Adobe Flash has ANOTHER serious security issue

It's been a few weeks since we've had news of an Adobe Flash flaw, so this one is right on schedule.┬áThe newest one, which security…
Happening Now: Security & Privacy October 14, 2015
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Even the Pentagon wants 'NSA-proof' phones

Nobody likes being spied on, not even the United States Armed Services it seems. Perhaps that's why it's buying anti-NSA smartphones in bulk, and from…
military, troop, army

Report: ISIS targets troops and families online

Are you familiar with the term "doxing?" It's showing up more and more in the news these days. It's a very harmful hacking practice that…

Desktop Support and System Administrator

Do you have a passion for maintaining and improving on-premises cloud infrastructures that service a national footprint? Are you ready to challenge your skills to…
February 16, 2018