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7 simple ways to save money online

You probably remember that problem from high school math class: If you saved $5 a day and invested it at a nominal interest rate, you’d make $147,000 after 35 years. The point your math teacher was trying to make was that little amounts add up. But you don’t have to stick a $5 bill in a jar. The virtual universe is full of deals and tricks that could lead to big savings.
Columns: general interest May 6, 2017

iPhone X unveiled: Kim's trusted opinion - Do you get what you pay for?

The iPhone X is finally out and it's the most expensive iPhone ever. But is it worth the high admission price? I will give you my trusted opinion about the phone and whether it's worth the fuss and the money.
Tips: Smartphones
November 8, 2017

Amazon vs. Walmart - Who’s cheaper?

Walmart started off as a humble store in rural Arkansas. Amazon started as a quaint online bookshop based in Seattle. My, how things have changed! Today, both retail titans are battling to become the largest stores in the world. But which one actually has the best prices? The answer will surprise you.
Tips: Money Making and Saving
March 4, 2017

3 router tweaks to speed up your Wi-Fi

Slow Wi-Fi is the worst. First your email won’t refresh. Your movie freezes in mid-scene. Your new app is stuck in downloading limbo. Many people just wait. Wi-Fi is moody, they think. Just give it time. But sometimes the issues linger for days, even weeks. In this case, the culprit could be the router itself.
Columns: general interest
February 11, 2017

5 apps that can save your life in an emergency

We can't help it, we feel like danger can be lurking everywhere. Walking down the street, getting into your car in a parking lot, even at home. In emergencies like these or on occasions where you just feel uneasy and insecure, did you know that there's a distress signal tool at your disposal at all times? Get these emergency apps so you can have peace of mind.
Tips: Smartphones
January 21, 2017

You've been hacked! 10 worst data breaches from Yahoo, and beyond

It's been all over the news - 1 billion Yahoo account holders have had their information stolen! But while Yahoo has been the center of attention, other major data breaches have been happening too. You need to follow these tips to protect your private information. There's a high chance your data has been stolen too!
Happening Now: General Interest December 18, 2016

Best 15 games for Apple and Android

Your smartphone can be used for a wide variety of tasks but none are as fun as these games! I've come up with a list…
New Technologies: Apps July 28, 2016
streaming tv worth watching

My 10 picks: Netflix blockbusters you'll love watching, No. 6 is terrific

Are you ready for the weekend? No matter what you're doing, whether it's hanging out by the pool with your family or tucking in for long rainy days reading great books, you'll want to set aside some time for movies. I've got 10 you'll absolutely love.
Tips: Home/Lifestyle/Travel
June 8, 2016
App icons

7 worst apps that violate your privacy

When you're browsing through the millions of apps available from the Apple and Android app stores, you'll notice that close to 98% of them are…
Columns: Security
September 12, 2015

15 great stocking stuffer ideas for all that won't break the bank

Where does the time go? It seems like Black Friday was just yesterday. Now, Christmas is just a mere 13 days away and if you have…