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IRS Hacked

IRS hacked, 100,000 taxpayers exposed

Update 5/28: The AP reports that sources close to the IRS investigation say that the hackers who stole the information are┬álocated in Russia. However, the…
Happening Now: Security & Privacy
May 26, 2015

Buying a home theater sound system

Make sure you get a sound system that matches the performance of your HDTV. Use our guide to find the right home theater system in your budget.

Buying an eReader

Several excellent new e-readers are now available. In the battle between Kindles and Nooks, who's the winner? I'll help you decide.

Create a hacker-and spy-proof account in OS X

Q. I just saw your tip on administrator vs. standard accounts in Windows, and how the one you choose can affect your safety. Do Macs…
Tips: Smartphones September 20, 2016

Photo's hidden data holds secrets - your exact location

Could your pictures be giving away sensitive personal information? Here's how to wipe them before you share them anywhere.
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy
June 7, 2016

3 ways to spot a malicious website

One of a hacker's favorite tools for stealing your information is the phishing scam. Whether it's through email, texts or on social media, sooner or later you will run into messages that try to trick you into clicking on links to malicious websites. But what is a malicious site anyway? And is it really that risky?
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy
April 10, 2017

How to spot fake product reviews online

Say you're doing a little online shopping and run across a product that looks amazing. Before you buy, though, you want to make sure it's a good-quality product that works as advertised. The big question is "How?" You'll want to look at the product reviews online. But be careful. Not all of these reviews are real.
Tips: Money Making and Saving
May 13, 2017

3 Alexa skills to help you save money

The Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo family is one of the most popular smart home appliances around. Alexa answers your questions, keeps you updated with news, plays music, helps you organize your day, plays games and even brightens your day with a joke or two. But did you know she also has skills that can help you save some serious cash?
Downloads: Office and School August 11, 2017

4 reasons private browsing isn't as private as you think

Private browsing mode is a great way to shop for a surprise gift for that special someone, to log into multiple social media or shopping accounts on the same site with the same browser, or avoid seeing targeted ads as you browse. Once you close the browser window, it's supposed to be like you weren't even using it. Unfortunately that "supposed to" can get you if you aren't careful.
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy
March 14, 2017

3 low-tech activities getting high-tech makeovers

You never thought you'd see the day when computers fit in the palm of your hand, and your car practically drives itself. But, it's happening. Technology is changing everything, and it's taking place all around you. Even the smallest things are getting a tech makeover. And once you've tried the new versions, you'll wonder how you ever did things the "old fashioned" way.