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Komando™ 2-in-1 PC Entertainment and Productivity System

  Why is this called a 2-in-1 System? The Komando™ 2-in-1 PC Entertainment and Productivity System is a combination of a tablet and a laptop.…
August 10, 2017

10 practical (and boring) tech gifts people will use time and time again

Receiving a brand new car as a Christmas gift like you see in TV commercials would be amazing, you know, with the big red bow on top? It's also pretty unrealistic for most people. But there are plenty of practical gifts that will make anyone happy, even if it's not that shiny new automobile.
Tips: Computers
December 6, 2017

Ready, login, shop! The best Cyber Monday deals on Amazon

Black Friday is behind us! We have survived the long lines, packed parking lots, and crazy crowds. But if you're like me, you probably have much more shopping to do! No matter how early I get out there and how much coffee I drink, I just can't get everything done in one day. Luckily, Amazon has cornered the market when it comes to Cyber Monday with great deals and fast delivery.
Happening Now: Amazon November 26, 2017
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The hottest Christmas gifts for 2015, and where to find them

Holiday shopping is in full-swing. Give a gift that's guaranteed to impress. We've rounded up the hottest gifts of 2015.
Tips: Shopping December 2, 2015

8 Best Memorial Day tech deals

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Let me begin by thanking all of the brave soldiers who are currently serving and those who served in the past.…
Happening Now: Technology May 26, 2018

7 clear-cut signs you’ve been hacked

Smart hackers don’t get caught. They break into your device, steal everything they can, and finish without a trace. Sometimes they leave a trail of destruction in their wake – malware, weird ads, confused relatives, and even a drained bank account or stolen identity. Computers, phones, routers, and down to the innocent webcam are vulnerable to cybercriminals. So what if they’ve already broken in, yet you don’t even know they’re there?
Columns: Security April 28, 2018

Patch now! Critical Microsoft and Adobe security updates you need now

Security patches have been released to fix some scary issues that could make you vulnerable to hackers. It includes a patch for a bug that would allow scammers control over your computer for data theft, eavesdropping or deploying ransomware. You’ll want to fix this one right away!
Happening Now: Security & Privacy
May 10, 2018

5 best streaming gadgets from Apple TV to Roku, and more

It's a different world when it comes to watching entertainment. Want to marathon every episode of the original "Star Trek" at 3 a.m. on a Sunday morning? You just need the right device to help bring it to your living room. Let's take a stroll through the big shakers: Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast, Roku and others.
Tips: Home/Lifestyle/Travel
May 12, 2017

Live blog: Apple iPad announcement

Hi everybody! The live blog is now complete. If you want to follow the announcements as they came up, just scroll to the bottom and…
Happening Now: New Technology
October 14, 2014

5 Amazon Easter weekend deals you don't want to miss

For many, Easter weekend is a time for family, reflection and giving thanks. There are good meals, good services and good times. While not necessarily…
Happening Now: Amazon March 30, 2018