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iphone fingerprint

How to make your iPhone fingerprint reader work every time

You no longer have to type in a PIN number or password. Your fingertip is your ticket into your iPhone. But the technology isn’t without its frustrations.
Tips: Smartphones
September 3, 2018

We finally know when Apple will unveil its new iPhones, other gadgets

We knew Apple was going to release some new gadgets, including iPhones, but we did not quite know when that would be. Now we do. Apple has invited people to an event that will take place in Cupertino, California, in which they are expected to unveil a host of new and fun devices. It is a highly-anticipated event, and it will no doubt have plenty of eyes glued to what transpires.

iPhone about to ditch tech that it took years to create, rumor says

Way back in 2015, Apple debuted a much-hyped technology with the iPhone. It was supposed to be a game-changing feature, but due to a combination of poor implementation, a lack of app support and limited user awareness, it is not as widely accepted as it deserves to be. Now, after years of languishing in relative obscurity, it looks like Apple is ditching the technology for good.
Happening Now: Technology August 29, 2018

See what the new iPhone looks like before it gets released

Are you excited for the new iPhones yet? We know, it can get confusing in iPhone rumor land. The Apple grapevine can be a maze…

Apple Watch 4 rumors - here's what you need to know

Can you believe that the Apple Watch is already three years old? Although it didn't really light the world on fire when it debuted, it had…

3 new iPhones coming from Apple this year

Is the premium OLED display iPhone X in trouble? Although we consider the iPhone X as the best iPhone experience your money can buy right now, sales…

How to fix Apple's iPhone microphone issue

One of the more impressive things with iOS updates is this - they typically roll out en masse almost simultaneously. Unlike other operating systems (like…

Apple has a strange fix for iPhone X Face ID issues

Apple's Face ID facial technology is the most groundbreaking feature of the iPhone X and it's most likely going to be the biometric security system…

Forget iPhone X; Apple has a new phone that could be a game changer

Are you in the market for a brand new iPhone? Before you rush out and spend that pretty penny for Apple's latest and greatest, you may…

How your iPhone can be hacked in 6 minutes

Apple users beware! There is a huge risk after new hacking programs were uncovered that can break your passcode and gain access to your phone in just 6.5 minutes! The programs have been traced back to a secret, private company in Atlanta. They are using programs to decode encrypted data. Once unlocked, it downloads all of your content.
Happening Now: Smartphone/Tablets/Computers
April 19, 2018