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Customize your iPhone with these 10 awesome tweaks

If you're rocking an iPhone, you've probably noticed most models have looked pretty much the same from year to year. If you're someone who likes to stand out, you may be wondering about ways to make the typically uniform smartphone look more like your own. Check out these 10 awesome ways you can customize your iPhone to your liking. Not only will they help your iPhone look better but it will function better, too.
Tips: Smartphones
July 31, 2019

Don't buy a new iPhone yet! We've got details on new models coming soon

Photos of Apple's upcoming iPhone (rumored to be called the iPhone 11) have finally leaked on the internet -- along with a number of anticipated tech specs and details. The phone looks poised to deliver a powerful new set of chips, a better camera, and better battery life than the current offerings from Apple's stable. As for design, well, you'll just have to see it for yourself. Could this phone be the next big thing for Apple? Or should you hold off on upgrading until next year?
Happening Now: Smartphone/Tablets/Computers
July 29, 2019

Thinking of getting the next iPhone? Your old charging cables might not work

In 2012, Apple threw its customers for a loop by releasing the iPhone 5 -- a brand new form factor requiring a brand new charging cord. Now, it looks as if Apple is attempting to repeat history. Leaked iPhone schematics -- along with a mysterious graphic in the code of the upcoming iOS 13 -- point to a new generation of charging cables on Apple's latest device. Strangely enough, the reaction this time might be more positive than negative.

The 7 best announcements you missed during Samsung's Unpacked event

Samsung had its big event Wednesday where it announced a bundle of new products. With all the hype, Samsung certainly delivered. There were rumors of their foldable phone and we finally got to see it in action - and boy was it amazing. Not to mention they announced 3 other incredible products coming out that will blow your mind.
Happening Now: Technology February 21, 2019

Apple rumors: Three rear iPhone cameras, USB-C and cheaper iPads

The latest Apple rumors say we can expect three rear iPhone cameras, USB-C and cheaper iPads. plus iOS 13. Are these features enough to get you to upgrade and reignite Apple's smartphone sales?
Happening Now: Technology February 4, 2019

Everything you need to know about Apple's new iPhones and Apple Watch

Apple just wrapped up its big iPhone event and in case you missed it, we followed the events as they unfolded with a live blog.…
Happening Now: Technology September 13, 2018

Apple event: Rumors leaked and what to expect

The big day is almost here! On Wednesday, September 12, Apple will finally reveal this year's highly anticipated new iPhones and a slew of its other products. We'll be live blogging all of the action, so you'll have updates as soon as they happen. Make sure you visit Komando.com's front page on Sept. 12. In the meantime, you're probably wondering what Apple already has in the works.
Happening Now: Technology September 11, 2018

We finally know when Apple will unveil its new iPhones, other gadgets

We knew Apple was going to release some new gadgets, including iPhones, but we did not quite know when that would be. Now we do. Apple has invited people to an event that will take place in Cupertino, California, in which they are expected to unveil a host of new and fun devices. It is a highly-anticipated event, and it will no doubt have plenty of eyes glued to what transpires.

iPhone about to ditch tech that it took years to create, rumor says

Way back in 2015, Apple debuted a much-hyped technology with the iPhone. It was supposed to be a game-changing feature, but due to a combination of poor implementation, a lack of app support and limited user awareness, it is not as widely accepted as it deserves to be. Now, after years of languishing in relative obscurity, it looks like Apple is ditching the technology for good.
Happening Now: Technology August 29, 2018

See what the new iPhone looks like before it gets released

Are you excited for the new iPhones yet? We know, it can get confusing in iPhone rumor land. The Apple grapevine can be a maze…