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Amazon TV sale

Huge Savings: 10 high-def TVs for less than $500 - grab one while supplies last!

We love to shop and we love bargains. But, even more fun is finding incredible discounts on high-quality products and sharing them with you. Today, we found 10 high-def TV sets that cost less than $500 each. These slashed prices won't last long, so buy one now!
Happening Now April 5, 2016
black coffee cup

Happy National Coffee Day! Here's how to get free coffee

Did you know that today is National Coffee Day? Get ready to go on a caffeine bender, because many coffee shops across the country are…
Happening Now: Fun & Off-the-wall September 29, 2015

Old F-16 vs. next-generation F-35: Guess who wins?

The F-35 is America's "latest and greatest" jet fighter. Unfortunately, thanks to complicated stealth technology, trying to use the same airframe for three major variations…
Happening Now: Government
July 2, 2015

3 iPhone 7 issues already disappointing fans

Yesterday, we reported that some iPhone 7 handsets have hissing sounds emanating from the back especially when the processor is under heavy load. There are…
Happening Now: Apple September 20, 2016

And the new Internet Explorer is …

Microsoft has officially announced the name of its Internet Explorer replacement.
Apple zero-day exploit

This company is offering $1 million for an iOS 9 bug. Guess what it might do with it

There's a digital arms race going on, and you may get caught in the middle of a dangerous battle. On one side, you have Apple…
Happening Now: Security & Privacy September 22, 2015
Cuba, USA

New U.S.-Cuba relations could have big implications for technology

I don't know if you've heard yet, but after 56 years, the United States and Cuba have reconciled and diplomatic ties will be restored to Cuba. When…
Happening Now: General Interest December 19, 2014

Google is torpedoing Yelp, and it could bring legal action

Google might be manipulating search results to hurt competitors.
Happening Now July 2, 2015

This weird 'living concrete' does something absolutely INCREDIBLE

Here's your strange scientific development of the day: Scientists have invented a kind of "living concrete" that's designed to regrow itself to repair cracks. Sound…

Chinese hackers attack major U.S. university

I'm always warning you about hackers, but "hackers" is a really broad term. It covers everything from amateurs to pros, virus writers to social engineers,…