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Tech gadgets all dads will brag about

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, June 17 and that leaves a lot of families with a big dilemma: What gift do you get dad? It’s not a competition, but you would love to get dad something he’s going to brag about to his buddies. There are some great gadgets out there that will fit the bill.

There are a lot of different kinds of dads. Some are into cars. Some are into movies or gaming. Some love to hit the gym. Whatever your dad is into, there’s a gadget that matches his style.

We’re here to help take some of the guesswork out of shopping for pop this year. Check out these brag-worthy gadgets that will make dad smile on Father’s Day.

12V Car Jump Starter Flashlight

Is your dad a car guy? If he spends hours polishing the family minivan or enjoys tinkering with a classic in the garage, then an automobile-related gadget will be a great fit as a gift. Flashlights are always handy and car jump starters are critical when you need them. Put the two together and you get the 12V Car Jump Starter Flashlight. It features a bright multi-mode LED, the ability to charge a phone or other USB device, and it can quickly jump-start a vehicle. The battery can last up to six months on standby. It’s a cool combination of several gadgets all in one.

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Fitbit Charge 2

If your dad is a workout warrior (or wants to become one), then outfit him with the Fitbit Charge 2 fitness monitor, which syncs up to most smartphones. It will help him track his heart rate, calories burned, steps, activity level, and overall fitness level. It can also be used as a sleep monitor. The sleek design can be worn to work or out and about on the weekends.

4K HD TV Streaming Box by SkyStream

Whether dad’s into blazing action movies, superhero flicks, sports, or contemplative dramas, he can get his entertainment fix with SkyStream’s 4K HD TV Streaming Box. This box is especially handy if you’re cutting the cord from cable, but you want more than you can get from an antenna. The SkyStream box lets your dad sign into and use his favorite subscription streaming services, including Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and many others.

The SkyStream Box runs on the Android operating system so he can also download apps, like music players Spotify and Pandora. It will take your dad’s entertainment system to the next level.

Wireless TV Headphones

Give your dad the gift of a little alone time for Father’s Day with these Wireless TV Headphones. He can put them on to listen to his favorite shows or music. On one hand, he can enjoy his entertainment without disturbing the rest of the family, but it also creates a personal oasis so he can root for his favorite team or listen to his favorite Bob Seger album in peace.


Every hero dad deserves another kind of hero: the GoPro HERO action video camera. He can use it to capture footage of his adventures, whether he’s climbing a challenging trail or building a fort with the kids in the backyard. This camera is waterproof and built to handle whatever you throw at it…even if it’s just a water balloon. It also responds to voice commands to start and stop recordings and take photos.

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Wooden Docking Station

Help dad get organized with this Wooden Docking Station that holds his smartphone, tablet, watch, wallet, pen, coffee mug, and credit cards. The built-in mirror lets him check his look before going out. The station is made from birch plywood and assembles quickly. Dad can keep it on his dresser, his desk, or by the door for easy access.



Taking handmade to an whole new level!

A St. Louis teenager used his brain and the resources provided to do something awesome for his dad, who had his arm amputated following an RPG attack in Iraq in 2003.  Click here to read how one teen used 3-D printing to build a new arm for his veteran dad.

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