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Take advantage of the Labor Day sale at the Komando Shop!

Have you been enjoying your Labor Day weekend? Did you get out of town for a bit or finish some tasks around the house?

Maybe you spent some time in or by the pool, or perhaps enjoyed the return of college football. Everyone has their preferences for times like this, but one thing we can all agree on is an appreciation of good deals.

We know there are many stores and sites offering discounted goods this weekend, and the Komando Shop is no different. If you’ve logged on and checked out the deals already, great! If not, you have until midnight Monday to take advantage of some big-time sales.

On what, exactly? We’re glad you asked.

2-in-1 Productivity Laptop & Tablet by Komando™

This isn’t your run of the mill tablet. It’s a portable tablet and laptop in one, a fully loaded productivity system you can use for everything from streaming your favorite shows to creating documents. This versatile PC tablet is pre-loaded with Windows 10 and has the power and performance to keep up with your daily life.This lightweight and compact laptop is the perfect travel companion.

With its unique design, you can use it as a laptop to create your documents then flip the keyboard over behind the screen and in seconds you can present them in a tablet format. The locked keyboard is a great feature to prevent any accidental typing while you carry it around.

You will love this user-friendly 2-in-1 laptop & tablet, featuring a dazzling hi-res display, front facing camera and ultra-responsive touchscreen. And you can have it at quite a price, saving nearly $40!

Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Do you hate cable and satellite bills? Make paying for over-the-air TV programming a thing of the past.

This new 60-mile outdoor antenna is more compact than traditional outdoor antennas, making it easy to install yourself. It can also be put in the attic.

Say goodbye to contracts and limiting cable packages with a system that provides unlimited access to local and network news like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, The CW, Univision, and more. For nothing more than the inexpensive one-time cost of the antenna.

Kim Komando Show Hat

Show everyone where you got your amazing tech knowledge! These caps are 100% cotton-brushed twill. You’ll love the adjustable cloth back strap; adjust it to your cap size for an extra-comfy fit.

The latest show logo appears on the front so everyone will know you’re a Kim Komando fan! It also includes our #GOKOMANDO on the back.

This hat is made of 100 percent twill, has a six-panel jockey shape and six sewn eyelets. You can have it autographed in permanent marker for another $9.95.

Dash Cam Pro with Night Vision by Komando®

Introducing our latest model of the famous Komando Dash Cam! Now with night vision, the 2018 Komando Dash Cam will help you capture all the moments you have driving that you wish you had on video. Police have dash cams — you should too.

The in-dash camera helps you catch all those funny moments you see while driving or the evidence you need for an accident. With crystal clear 1080p video, you can provide high-quality images and video when you need it. It also promotes safe driving with a Lane Departure Warning system.

Bluetooth Smart Lock

The smart way to secure your most prized possessions. This isn’t just a padlock, it is unlocked using an app on your phone. It’s also weather resistant and comes with GPS tracking. This smart lock is TSA-approved and can be used during flights.

With this device, you’re in control; share and manage access to your lock through the app. You can also set a backup password and track its location so you’ll know exactly where your luggage is. App background

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