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Kim’s Gift Picks for fitness fanatics

With the hustle-and-bustle of the quick-moving shopping season, it can be difficult to keep up with all the best deals. With our Kim’s Deal of the Day series we help make it easier for you to know what’s on sale, and when to buy it. Major retail outlets like Amazon change their deals every day, so it can be tough sometimes to capitalize on all the right discounts without a bit of help.

This weekend we will focus on gifts for that exercise nut in the family. We all secretly admire their personal health work ethic, here is how we can show it.

Correct your posture

With the Komando Slouch and Posture Correction Wrap, you can fix that bad back and have confident looking posture in time. Simply strap the Posture Correction Wrap around your shoulders like a backpack for 30 minutes per day. It will train your muscle memory to adapt to proper form and correct itself in no time.

Tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles

This is the first FDA approved EMS (electric muscle stimulation) system for improving your ab muscle tone. Strap around your abdominal area and relax as electric impulses stimulate your muscles forcing them to contract and loosen. It is recommended that you apply this for 30 minutes a day to strengthen your core. It will not help you lose fat, it will help you strengthen and tighten your abdominal muscles.

For the music-loving sports enthusiast

These sporty earbuds are a runner’s new best friend. They come with flexible around-the-ear clips so you are free to push yourself without pushing the headphones out of your ears. The non-tangling 3.5-foot headphone cable features a volume control as well as a microphone for adjusting your device via voice commands.

Hands-free tablet holder

With this unique phone and tablet holder, you will feel like you have two extra hands. Whether riding on an elliptical or going on a power walk, this device is perfect for holding your tablet steady in arm’s reach. With easily adjustable aluminum bands this device is easily portable and suitable for many different postures. You can even use it as a tablet stand or attach to a bike to adjust your music playlist on the go.

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