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It’s Christmas in July – Now’s your chance to save BIG!

Sand instead of snow, palm trees instead of pine trees, ice cream instead of candy canes – it must be Christmas in July! Who said you have to wait until the holidays to buy new tech?

This list is full of deals from Amazon’s Launchpad category, which is a special section for startup companies.  You could save up to 62 percent on these products from up and comers.

Navigation System

This GPS navigation system by Navdy uses augmented reality to project driving directions out onto the road in front of you. They call it a “heads up” display because it puts the directions into your line a sight so that you don’t take your eyes off the road to glance at directions on your phone or mounted GPS.

This device will also help you cut down on distracted driving. You can use hand gestures to answer phone calls and text messages. Plus, it connects to Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play so that you can control your music too.

The Navdy Heads Up Display normally costs $499.99 but you can save $100 and buy it for $399.95.

Camera with Zoom Lens and Touchscreen Monitor

The Lytro Illum 40 Megaray Light Field Camera is for ultimate photography lovers. It won’t replace your DSLR but it’s a great specialty camera to carry along for alternative shots.

You won’t need to switch out the lens because it comes with one versatile 30-250mm lens. Zoom in up to 8x for close ups, get the blurred background effect with the constant f/2 aperture and capture wide-angle shots as well. The touchscreen monitor and the tactile buttons on the body add another element of versatility.

This Lytro camera normally costs $1,299.00 but you can save over $800 and buy it for only $489.00.

Wi-Fi tor & VPN Router

This small yet powerful device is the key to surfing the web anonymously. Tor and VPNs are two different types of technology that hide your identity while you’re online; Anonabox created a gadget that uses both! And it’s so small that you can take it with you anywhere.

Since it’s a router (with a Wi-Fi extender) it can protect all of your internet-connected devices at once. And each device has the power to control and adjust the router through a web browser. It can work with your existing router or as a stand-alone connection point.

Anonabox PRO Wi-Fi Tor & VPN Router normally costs $119.99 but you can save $20 and buy it for only $99.99.

Smart Speaker with Touchscreen Monitor

So, this last one definitely isn’t from an up and coming brand. But the Echo Show is one of the newest Alexa-enabled devices. It can do everything that an Echo can do, such as control your smart home and answer questions.

But the built-in monitor makes it more useful. Game highlights, recipe videos, news briefings – this Amazon speaker provides a “show and tell” experience. In addition to all of the Alexa abilities, you can also use the Echo Show to make video calls to friends and family members who also own the device.

The regular price is $229.99 each, but Amazon has been running a “buy two and save” promotion for a while now. Use promo code “SHOW2Pack” to save $100.

Psst: Amazon is running a “buy two and save” promotion on the regular Echo too. Right now, you can use promo code “ECHO2PACK” to save $100.


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And right now, you can save on the Automatic Pill Dispenser and Reminder. This handy tool has alerts and timers to remind you when to take your medication and how much to take. There’s also a lock and key feature to prevent overdoses. Get it today for only $79.99. App background

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