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Amazon launches new drone delivery service and first delivery took just 13 minutes!

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. It’s so popular that Consumer Intelligence Research Partners estimates there are around 63 million Amazon Prime Members. If you are a Prime Member, here are 7 Prime perks that you might not be using.

With free shipping, unlimited photo storage, a huge catalog of movies and TV shows to stream, and many more features, what’s not to love about Prime? Even with all of those perks, there is one on the horizon that could be the most incredible yet!

Amazon Prime Air has made its first successful delivery by a fully autonomous drone. It happened on December 7, in the United Kingdom’s city of Cambridge. The customer ordered an Amazon Fire TV unit and a bag of popcorn.

The delivery only took 13 minutes from the moment the order was placed until it reached its destination. Even though Amazon hasn’t said what the distance was between the fulfillment center and the customer’s residence, that’s still very impressive.

Watch Amazon’s drone delivery in action

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced the first delivery on Twitter:

Prime Air is still in its testing phase but is expected to be rolled out in the U.S. by the end of 2017. The company is working on safety concerns as there have been some near misses reported between amateur drone pilots and commercial aircraft over the last year. One solution suggested by Amazon is having its drones operate in segregated blocks of airspace below 500 feet that aren’t near manned aviation operations.

As of now, there are restrictions on who can receive Prime Air deliveries and what items can be shipped. The products can weigh up to five pounds and should take 30 minutes or less to be delivered by drone. Also, the recipient must have a large enough yard for the drone to make a safe landing.

The drones will use “sense and avoid” technology and is currently only being operated during daylight hours, low wind conditions and good visibility. It’s not being used in rain, snow or icy conditions.

Are you excited about the future of this technology? Would Prime Air entice you into becoming an Amazon Prime Member? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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