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Amazon’s 5 best tech stocking stuffers

It happens every year. There’s that one person on your Christmas list who you love but who either has everything or is a little too cool or quirky for your gifts.

You just never know what to buy them. That might be your teenage son who’s main objective is to look cool in front of his friends.

It might be your aunt who lives across the country and shows up once a year for the holidays. Whoever it is, you can get stuck walking around the mall all day trying to figure out what they’d like to unwrap on Christmas morning.

We have great news! These five, relatively inexpensive stocking stuffers on Amazon are ideal for someone on your list, whether it’s your hard-to-please daughter or you just want to give everyone an extra, fun gift.

XIKEZAN Upgraded Unisex Knit Bluetooth Beanie Winter Music Hat Headphones V4.2 w/Built-in Stereo Speakers

It’s cold outside so who doesn’t need to keep warm? But you also have to have your music playing.

This beanie will keep you warm and it has built-in Bluetooth 4.2, so you you can listen to music from your smartphone that’s up to 33 feet away. It’s loud, too, with 110DB high-definition stereo sound.

It has a built-in 300mAh rechargable Lithium-ion battery that plays music for around six hours. You can also make phone calls and the battery lasts up to eight hours for that.

XIKEZAN Upgraded Unisex Knit Bluetooth Beanie Winter Music Hat Headphones V4.2 w/Built-in Stereo Speakers, $16.41 on Amazon.

4M Zero Gravity Fridge Rover

You’ll love this unique toy all year long, but especially on Christmas day. It’s a refrigerator magnet that has a wind-up mechanism inside.

You stick it on your fridge but it doesn’t just sit there like the other magnets. It starts moving around your refrigerator when you wind it up.  

4M Zero Gravity Fridge Rover, $8.73 on Amazon.

Sphero Mini Green: The App-Controlled Robot Ball

You remember the Star Wars BB-8 Sphero that came out a few Christmases ago. It was a toy that looked like the character from the “Star Wars” movie that you controlled with an app.

The Sphero Mini is the same idea. It’s a fun toy with a gyroscope and accelerometer inside that you control with an app.

It’s fun and educational. Your kids will get a feel for computer programming, especially by controlling its movements with their facial expressions.

Sphero Mini Green: The App-Controlled Robot Ball, $44.99 (save $5) on Amazon

Fourheart Rechargeable/Reusable Hand Warmers

It’s cold outside. This pocket-sized warmer uses a 5000mAh capacity battery to warm your hands.

It has three temperature settings, 107 degrees, 118 and 131 degrees. Don’t worry – the polymer battery automatically turns off after an hour.

Plus, the battery can be used an emergency charger. It’s compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones.

Fourheart Rechargeable/Reusable Hand Warmers, $22.99 on Amazon.

USA Toyz Walkie Talkies for Kids

Before there were cellphones, there were walkie-talkies. You might have played with them when you were a kid.

Then, suddenly, everyone had cellphones so these toys collected dust. But your kids and grandchildren will have a blast with these powerful, 3-mile walkie-talkies.

These are high-tech walkie-talkies. They have LCD screens and easy-to-understand buttons so everyone will have fun with them.

USA Toyz Walkie Talkies for Kids, $29.99 (save $15) on Amazon.

Bonus: Some great stocking stuffers at Komando Shop

My Komando Shop has some great stocking stuffers for your holiday shopping.

Wish you had a little more zoom on your camera phone? Get a clip-on Lens Set! It includes a macro lens along with fish eye and wide angle lenses, it’s 3-in-1!

Clip-on Lens Set

Clip-on Lens Set

at Komando Shop

This Bluetooth Smart Lock is run by your phone. Use it to secure your luggage, backpack or gym locker.

Bluetooth Smart Lock

Bluetooth Smart Lock

at Komando Shop

Build Your Own Game Console with this device. It’s fun for everyone interested in coding, and teaches you how to code your own games on a handheld console.

Build Your Own Game Console

Build Your Own Game Console

at Komando Shop

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