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10 amazing gadgets for $50 or less!

Fifty dollars may not go as far as it used to but you can still buy a lot of great stuff. And I don’t mean just clothes and groceries. There are a lot of awesome tech products that will cost you $50 or less.

From gadgets for your home to accessories you can use on the go, here’s a list of items from and the Komando Shop that won’t break the bank. Happy Shopping!


Did you remember to turn off that lamp downstairs before you went to bed? If not, you’ll have to climb out of your comfy covers and head back downstairs. Or you could just use a Wireless Remote Control Outlet to turn off your devices with the press of a button. It works through walls and from up to 60 feet away. It’s on sale in the Komando Shop for only $29.95.

How much is your monthly cable bill? Too much! Ditch cable and move on to a smart TV with the Roku Express. It can turn any regular TV into a Wi-Fi connect TV that can search the web for your favorite shows. Stream content in HD! Instead of a monthly bill that’s probably over $50, the Roku Express is a one-time cost of $29.00 from

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The Wireless TV Amplifier Headphones are a must for night owls that like to watch TV while everyone else is asleep. You can have the volume as like as you like and you don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone. These lightweight headphones are compatible with hearing aids and any TV, stereo system or audio device. Get them for only $49.95 from the Komando Shop.

Control your smart home with just the sound of your voice. The Echo Dot has all the Alexa skills that come with the other Amazon devices but it’s so much cheaper than the other products so you can place one in every room. The Echo Dot costs $49.99 but there’s a three and save promotion right now; use promo code DOT3PACK to save $20.

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In our digital world, a car charger is a traveling essential. The Road Trip 5 USB Car Charger can give life to up to five phones, tablets and other USB cable devices, such as GPS systems. The 5-ft cord is long enough to reach your passengers in the back seat and it will protect your devices from over charging, which damages the battery. Buy it for only $29.99 from the Komando Shop.

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Another great gadget for your car that your backseat passengers will love is the Headrest Tablet Mount. The holder can rotate a full 360 degrees so that that you can have a landscape or portrait view. It’s suitable for all tablets from 7-12 inches, including models from Samsung, LG, Sony and Apple. Get it from for only $39.95.

When it comes to taking great camera phone photos, the main thing holding you back is the lens. Upgrade your smartphone camera lens with the Universal 4-in-1 Lens Kit. Perfect for Apple and Android phones, the kit comes with a telephoto, wide-angle lens, fisheye and macro lens photography. Get these amazing photography accessories for only $44.95 from the Komando Shop.

Psst: If your photos still need a little extra oomph then try these photo apps for Apple and Android phones. 

Whether you love to lead an active life or you’ve just started exercising, tracking your progress will tell you just how healthy you are becoming. The Pebble Time Smartwatch will track your movements and your sleep but it also does so much more. Use it to review your schedule, read emails/texts, and answer phone calls. Save $99.99 and buy it on sale for only $50.00 from

The most annoying thing about earbuds is their tendency to get tangled. Not only is it a hassle to unweave them, but the tension on the wires can create a short that ruins the sound quality. Tangle-free Zipper Earbuds are the stylish solution to this problem. These durable earbuds come in three different sizes. Buy them from the Komando Shop for only $29.99.

If over-the-ear headphones are more your style then take a look at the Bluetooth Headphones by Mpow. They’re foldable for easy storage and they have memory foam for maximum comfort. Plus, they also have a microphone built into them so that you can answer calls when you pair them with your smartphone. Save $46.00 and get them on sale for $33.99 from App background

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