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Windows 11 new features
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Best new Windows 11 features to try right now

Windows updates make us all a little tense. What are they going to break this time? But they can also bring with them some awesome new goodies. Microsoft’s new Moments 2 update for Windows 11 has that in spades.

Not updated to the latest version of Windows 11 yet? Never fear. Here’s how to do it.

Windows Search can now talk back

Bing Chat isn’t as smart as Microsoft or OpenAI claim, but it’s fully integrated with Windows search now. The next time you ask it to find something for you, it can channel Clippy and try to pre-empt what you need. Or you can ask it existential questions to try to break it. Either way, Windows search just got more fun.

Thumbs up to the tablet taskbar

We know, Windows and touch controls give you awful Windows 8 flashbacks. We’re still getting over it ourselves.

But the new touch improvements are worth celebrating. Aimed at tablets and 2-in-1s, this update lets you expand and collapse the taskbar by swiping up and down. That can give you more screen space without icons when you need it.

A bonus for you iPhone people

Apple and Microsoft products don’t always communicate so well so this is a welcome upgrade.

Windows users with iPhones, rejoice! Phone Link now supports iOS. Translation: You can read your iPhone messages and take phone calls on your PC. Finally.

Phone Link for iOS requires iPhone with iOS 14 or higher, Windows 11, and the Link to Windows app.

Finally! Tabs in Notepad

The humble Notepad app has come a long way in its literal 40-year history. It’s finally entered the 21st century with tabs! Now you can run multiple notepad tabs within the same window for much-improved functionality. It isn’t going to replace Word, or some of the best alternatives, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Pro tip: Need to remove formatting from text? Notepad is an easy way to do it.

Find what you need in Task Manager

Task manager is awesome for all sorts of things, but traditionally, finding specific apps or processes can be a royal pain. This latest Windows 11 update brings that pain to an end with a new search and filter system that lets you find whatever you need by filtering by name, publisher or process ID (PID).

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