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Major chat app won’t work on these phones in 2020

There comes a time during any product’s lifespan where third party developers and accessory makers stop paying attention. It’s the nature of our technology ecosystem, where new products quickly phase out old ones in the name of progress.

We’ve seen it happen numerous times in the tech industry. Apple’s iPhone development cycles regularly, leaving older phones in the dust. And Netflix, long a staple on smart TVs, has already vanished from thousands of older sets. Tap or click to see if your device lost Netflix support.

And this week, one of the world’s most popular apps is saying goodbye to millions of older smartphones. These older models can’t keep up with the pace of new updates and software demands anymore. If you use this app, we’ll tell you which models are losing compatibility. If yours is on the list, it might be time to upgrade.

This app ditches older Windows phones, iPhones and Androids

According to WhatsApp’s FAQ page, the platform will no longer support a range of older phones spanning most of the biggest operating systems and manufacturers.

And now, the time has finally come. Windows phones will lose support December 31, 2019, and the app “might not be available in the Microsoft Store” any longer. Additionally, starting February 1, 2020, iPhones with iOS 8 or older will no longer be supported, as well as any Android device running version 2.3.7 or older.

These changes come as WhatsApp moves into newer, more demanding software editions that older phones can no longer handle. Older operating systems won’t even be able to use the app anymore.

I use WhatsApp to talk to my friends and family. What can I do?

If you use any of the aforementioned phones for WhatsApp, it will stop functioning by December 31, 2019 or February 1, 2020, depending on your device. This means you’ll need to find a new way to chat with friends and family for free.

There are several apps you can download that offer similar functions to WhatsApp without the strings attached.

If you use Android, Google Hangouts Chat is compatible with older versions of the software (down to version 5), and comes with a plethora of useful features and extras. Tap or click here to learn more about Google Hangouts Chat.

If you use iOS and your iPhone is on iOS 8 or older, your options are far more limited. Few apps available today can run on such an old operating system. But the newest phones from Apple pack a serious punch, and are worth looking into if you’re interested in upgrading. Tap or click to see Apple’s latest iPhones.

Windows 10 Mobile users should also think about upgrading soon, as Microsoft has discontinued the operating system for good. In fact, they’re recommending users update to Android for a smoother experience in the future. Tap or click to learn about the Google Pixel 3.

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