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Clever trick to use next time a website or service you need is down

The video conferencing service Zoom experienced audio and video issues Sunday morning, which left virtual Sunday church goers without weekly service. The problem was so bad users were unable to launch the site.

While Zoom users flooded social media to find fellow users and discuss the situation, the company took to fix the issue. Within a few hours, Zoom was back up, offering apologies. Tap or click to reveal the 11 best Zoom tricks you’ll wish you knew sooner.

Sorry aside, Zoom is far from the only website that has at some point suffered an outage and left users dazed and confused. To help you determine if the problem is with your system, internet, or with the website itself here’s a couple of steps to take.

Check your Wi-Fi

To ensure the problem isn’t due to your Wi-Fi, run a speed test. This step will indicate how fast or slow your internet speed is, which, if too slow, could cause problems when a site loads.

One such quick and simple speed diagnostic tool is Tap or click here to test your Wi-Fi.

Look to Downdetector

If your Wi-Fi tests okay, it’s time to reach out to a site that offers real-time outage monitoring, On this site, you can enter the website’s name that you’re having problems with and Downdetector will provide you with real-time site information.

If a site you entered is experiencing issues, Downdetector will display a live outage map along with information on where the outage occurred, the time it happened, and the most reported problems. The site also provides a list of past issues with each site.

You can also find companies on Downdetector’s weekly outage top 10 list. It lists sites that have experienced outages in the past week. It’s important to note that Downdetector doesn’t monitor ALL websites. Here is a complete list of the companies and sites it monitors.

Chat with fellow users

There are comment sections on each page for websites that Downdetector follows. They allow users to share what is going on with the sites that are reported to be experiencing problems.

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While you may find some negative comments from other users, it can be a good way to find out what’s going on in real-time. You may find this way of connecting as useful and cathartic when faced with a crashed website.

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