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20 ways to get more out of your Amazon account

It’s impossible to deny Amazon has changed the way we shop and do business online. Since 2004, Amazon has grown from $6.92 billion in sales to more than $280 billion. On top of that, there are now an estimated 105 million Amazon Prime members.

What we see today is only the beginning. In just a few short years, Amazon users can expect their orders to literally come down from the sky with help from autonomous delivery drones. Tap or click here to see Amazon’s plans for a fleet of drones.

About 57% of U.S. Amazon customers are Prime members — but you don’t have to be a subscriber to get the most out of your account. In fact, there are benefits Amazon offers to all users that can make your life easier and save you money.

Here are our favorite Amazon perks you just can’t miss.

1. Get photo confirmation of your Amazon deliveries

To stay accountable to its millions of users, Amazon now provides photo confirmations of delivery upon arrival. You can see exactly where the delivery person left your package, so you don’t have to worry about hunting around for it.

Photo confirmations are enabled by default and are taken when a package is left unattended. If you find the idea of Amazon photographing the exterior of your home too creepy, you can opt out by calling customer support at 1-888-280-4331.

2. Price match in-store with the Amazon app

The Amazon app is an easy way to shop and check on your orders using your smartphone. One of its best, and little-known, features lets you scan bar codes in the real world so you can price-match.

Open the app and access the scanner by tapping the camera icon in the upper right corner next to the search bar. Select Barcode on the bottom right of the next page that appears.  Companies like Target and Walmart will price-match, meaning you can score that cheap Amazon price in a brick-and-mortar store.

3. Prime members can free up some space with unlimited Amazon Photos storage

If you’re a Prime member, get your money’s worth and use it for more than just free shipping.

Why not free up some storage on your phone? Prime members get instant access to Amazon Photos, which provides unlimited cloud storage for all of your digital photography.

You can even set the app to automatically back up your photos as you take them. To get started, you’ll need the Amazon Photos app. Simply download the app for your preferred system and follow the setup instructions to start cleaning out your phone.

If you prefer to back your photos up to a computer, download the desktop version.

4. Prime members can save money or get rewards with No-Rush Shipping

One-day or two-day shipping is nice, but if you’re not in a hurry to get your orders, save money or earn rewards with No-Rush Shipping.

When you choose No-Rush Shipping during checkout, your order is typically delivered in around six days. While it does take longer, you’ll earn immediate discounts or rewards for future purchases.

These rewards let you buy free eBooks, pantry items, movies and TV shows on Prime Video. When you check out, Amazon will either offer you the discount or reward.

5. Try before you buy with Prime Wardrobe

One of the most frustrating parts of buying clothes online is never knowing how well they’ll fit you. You can’t try them on before you buy, so what can you do other than guess your size and hope for the best?

Prime Wardrobe lets you choose up to eight items to try on without ever setting foot into a store. Return anything you don’t want and you’ll only pay for the items you keep. Just be sure to return your unwanted items within the specified time frame.

To start using Prime Wardrobe, sign in with your Prime account and search for Prime Wardrobe in the search bar under All Departments. Or, you can start shopping Prime Wardrobe by visiting the site.

Not a Prime member? No worries! You can set up a standalone Prime Wardrobe subscription for $4.99 a month.

6. Calculate your spending history

If you’re using Amazon on your computer, hover over Accounts & Lists, click Your Orders to see the past six months’ worth of orders. Then use the drop-down list at the top of the page to browse by year to see how much you’ve spent. Prepare to be shocked if you do a lot of online shopping.

You can also visit the Order History Reports page to see a detailed readout of your spending habits, which can be useful come tax time. It’s even exportable in spreadsheet format. Tap or click here to learn how to download and print your Order History Report.

7. Get free digital copies of physical albums when you see the AutoRip logo

AutoRip gives users access to digital copies of the physical albums they purchased, and many of the most popular albums sold on Amazon include this feature by default.

Once you’ve received your AutoRip compatible album, visit the Amazon Music locker to claim your digital copy. Within 24 hours of buying, you should see your songs in the locker. This feature applies to select vinyl releases, too, so you can truly get the best of both media worlds.

8. Prime members save at Whole Foods Market

Amazon is big in the grocery game, and that’s not just limited to online orders. Amazon owns Whole Foods, so Prime members get instant access to special deals at the supermarket chain. Deals are marked on Whole Foods shelves with a Prime Member logo. Certain items also qualify for 10% off.

To get your discount, download the Whole Foods Market app or link your phone number to your Amazon account. Then just scan the code on the app or give your phone number at checkout.

9. Shop and donate to charity (at the same time!)

Amazon has a sister website that offers all the same products but with a twist: It donates proceeds from your order to the charity of your choice. The company provides a list, or you can search for a specific charity.

Amazon Smile is designed to make giving back effortless and imposes no extra fees. Just visit to start shopping.

10. Get free eBooks

Prime members using a Kindle or Kindle app already have access to millions of books. But what if we told you there was a way to enjoy even more without paying for them?

That’s the idea behind Prime Reading, which Amazon likens to a members-only library or book club. Thousands of free books and magazines are on rotation each month. All you need is a Prime subscription. Just log into your account at to start browsing titles.

11. Create and share custom wish lists

Each Amazon account comes with a default wish list — but it doesn’t have to end there. From the Amazon home page, hover over Accounts & Lists in the upper right-hand corner and click Create List to generate a custom list for anything from groceries to your birthday wants.

The best part? These lists can be shared. When you create a list, click the button labeled Private. Then click Send list to others. This gives you the option to copy and paste a link, or send an email invitation, to View or View and Edit the list.

Share the link with friends and family members for Christmas or birthday gift ideas. People can only view your private list if you provide the share email or link. Keep the list private to hide it from anyone who searches for it. Another perk? You can update and add to the list throughout the year.

12. Only pay for the months you’re actually using Prime

Amazon bills you each month for your Prime membership, but you shouldn’t keep paying if you’re not using it regularly.

That’s right, you can pay month to month and quit when you don’t plan on using Prime. Be strategic: Keep a running list of everything you prefer to buy on Amazon, stock up then cancel.

To suspend your membership, visit this page, click End Membership and confirm with your login information. When you’re ready to start it back up, just log in and pay for another month.

13. Save money with Amazon Warehouse Deals

Did you know Amazon sells used goods? Many of these items are returns or open box items sent back by Amazon users, and if they’re good enough to pass inspection, they’re sold under the Amazon Warehouse umbrella at a discount.

This makes Amazon Warehouse an excellent choice to snipe deals and savings all year round. All you need to do is visit the Amazon Warehouse landing page. Use the search bar at the top of the page to find what you want.

And if you’re nervous about buying pre-owned items, don’t be — Warehouse purchases enjoy the same generous return policy you’ll find for new items.

14. Not gonna be home? Set your preferred delivery day

When you check out for any order, you’re able to select different shipping options depending on the seller. Amazon typically offers its free Prime member shipping, but in addition to that, you also have the option to schedule an “Amazon Day” on the day of the week of your choosing.

By choosing a specific day, every purchase you make will arrive that day. You can also set this up to be the default delivery day, so you can look forward to your weekly “Amazon Day” goodies.

The option to choose and set up your Amazon Day comes at checkout, and you’ll see it under your choice of shipping. Choose Amazon Day over 2-Day shipping and pick your day of the week to complete setup.

Any future orders will default to this option, so if you need something fast, disable Amazon Day and pick a different shipping option.

15. Improve your recommendations and teach the Amazon algorithm a lesson

Amazon’s algorithm is good, but it isn’t perfect. If you want to sharpen up Amazon’s product recommendation skills, you can log into Amazon on your computer and hover over Accounts & Lists. Click Your Recommendations to tweak the engine to your liking.

When you reach this page, look at the menu right below your address. The Your Browsing History option lets you delete specific items that might throw the algorithm off, while Improve Your Recommendations lets you rank your favorite purchases.

16. Restrict your binge-watching habits

Autoplay on streaming services is convenient, but it has a nasty habit of turning us into binge-watching drones. If you want to curb your viewing habits, make this quick change.

From the Prime Video website in your browser, click on Settings followed by Playback to find the Auto Play options. Then, select Off to disable the feature.

17. Subscribe and save with frequently ordered items

Certain essential items get ordered more frequently than others, so leave it to Amazon to figure out a way to make repeat buys appealing (and more affordable) for customers.

Select household items and foods have the option to Subscribe & Save in the upper right-hand corner of the listing. If you choose it, the item will be on a repeat order at the frequency of your choosing. It also lets you save between 5 and 15% each time you order that product.

18. Follow your favorite authors and get updates

Follow your favorite authors, just like you’d follow someone on Twitter. But unlike Twitter, you’ll get more than your favorite author’s banal opinions on politics — you’ll get updates on new releases as soon as they go on sale.

Just click the big yellow + Follow button under any author’s profile picture to subscribe.

19. Prime members get early access to special deals

By default, all Prime members get exclusive access to Lightning Deals on the platform before anyone else. If you’re logged in, you can take advantage immediately by visiting the Deals page and selecting items labeled Prime Early Access.

Note: If a Lightning Deal is a Prime Early Access deal, it will also say it in the Add to Cart box on the product detail page.

20. Windows users can get Alexa on their PC

Got a Windows PC and wish you had an Amazon Echo? Well, wish no longer because Amazon lets you install Alexa right on your computer.

The Windows edition of the official Alexa app is designed to work with Windows 10 and above, and is also compatible with Xbox One game consoles. You’ll need a microphone to use it, but it functions just as robustly as the Echo version of Alexa.

Don’t forget to adjust your privacy settings. Tap or click here for 3 essential security settings you should change.

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