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6 useful tech hacks to help you save money

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the world. In its wake are lives ruined and countries with stalled economies, failing businesses and skyrocketing unemployment rates.

This scenario is fully playing out here in the U.S. as financial experts continue to sound the alarms that it’ll most likely be a long recovery, meaning many months to several years before we are back on solid ground. If you or someone you know has lost your job, there may be a solution. Tap or click here for companies hiring despite the coronavirus.

People from all income levels are heeding the warnings and taking steps to slash spending and save resources. Here are six tech hacks that could help you save money.

1. Save precious minutes making calls

With Google’s Duo, you and up to 11 other people (soon to be upgraded to 32) can video chat merely by using the app or Chrome browser, totally free. No cell plan minutes needed.

You can use the Google Duo app across Windows or Max OS, Chromebook, and Apple and Android mobile devices. here”s a breakdown of how it works:

To join a Duo video chat users must have the Duo app installed on their mobile device. Once installed, Google Duo will sync across your other devices and will allow you to create groups or place an audio call or video chat with individual contacts by tapping their name. Pretty simple, right!?

2. Get audiobooks for free

Audiobooks rock! You can listen to your stories anywhere, anytime. However, one downside can be the costs. While some are free, most charge you several dollars upfront or require a subscription, like Audible.

However, if you use your library card you can borrow audiobooks without shelling out the bucks. Tap or click here for details on how to do it.

Not feeling books right now? Listen to the commercial-free version of Kim’s show as a podcast. Download and listen on your time for free, with a 30-day trial to the Komando Community. Use promo code Kim.

3. Save big money while shopping online

Looking to save money when you shop online? Want to comparison shop but find it complicated? Shop with Honey. It’s a free app, and browser extension that scans coupon databases across the web for promo codes and the best deals that match the sites you’re shopping on.

When an applicable coupon or promo code is located, Honey will automatically apply it during checkout. To learn more about Honey and its features, we’ve got the scoop on how you can save money on online purchases with just two clicks.

4. Lockdown your Wi-Fi

While this may not seem so obvious, one way to potentially save money and your reputation is to ensure neighbors aren’t stealing or “piggybacking” your Wi-Fi.

Not only could their behavior cost you in fines and restrictions through your internet service provider (if your usage is higher than normal), but it could also cost you legal fees if your neighbors happen to partake in illegal activities while using your account. Take these steps to protect your Wi-Fi and keep strangers off your network.

5. Free streaming services

Who isn’t streaming these days? With sports out of the equation, millions of viewers are turning to the ever-increasing number of streaming services.

Before you go and spend money on subscriptions, check out how you can take advantage of streaming trials. And, if you think streaming means nothing but old episodes and lame originals, you’ll be over the moon happy to know there are several ways to watch movies for free.

6. Redo your budget

If you haven’t taken a hard look at your budget, now is the time. Use Intuit’s Mint, a free personal budgeting program, to see where you can save.

This financial tool works with any device, comes with many features including a bill payment tracker and a budget creator to help you manage your money. Tap or click here for details.

Although it’s going to take a while to get back to some sense of normalcy, these tech hacks may help you get through with some money left in your pocket.

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